Weekday Diggin’ in BK

One wall of 7″s…..

While walking around my new hood I stumbled upon a record store. Since I was with the wife and kid, and the store was super crowded, I decided to try and come back alone. However, my wife let me know that she really knew about the record shop and purposely booked our afternoon to go right by it. She rules, no question. So on a Monday morning I hopped on the subway and made it down to said record store. From the outside, it’s nothing special really, lots of dollar bin goodies in every genre, VHS (that’s right I said VHS) tapes galore, and windows and a door you can barely see in. There were literally thousands of records untouched, and I had a time constraint so I only dug for about an hour or so. The owner is a really cool guy, and actually I will be profiling him in the very near future. His prices were really steep, and I actually turned a few a way that I was trying to mint up on. That’s the way the game goes though, and I actually got to dig in peace for that whole time, which was great. The owner talked away about his over 4 decades of being involved in the record business and about his private collection. Definitely more to come from this spot…..Keep Diggin!

Monday BK Digs


Timmy Thomas – Sexy Woman/ Glades
Midnight Movers Unltd – Follow the Wind/ Renee
Creative Source – Who Is He and What is He To You/ Sussex
Ralph MacDonald – Jam On the Groove/ Marlin
Vicentico Valdes – Amor Azul/ UA Latin
Roberta Kelly – Kung Fu’s Back/ Atlantic


ReUp on the Eddie Kendricks S/T on Tamla

Not a huge haul but there will be more digging time at this place.

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