Grown Man Sport Is Stuck in My Head

So here I am a few weeks ago, going over recent record scores (unearthed some 90’s underground Hip Hop gems at my local thrift) which prompted me to get out a nice clean copy of “Fakin’ Jax” by INI that came from another haul a while ago. It’s off of Center of Attention, a great full length record, produced by Pete Rock in the 90’s that eventually got shelved as quickly as it was made. Often bootlegged (and remarked as one of the most bootlegged Hip Hop records in history), I always was pretty excited that I turned up two clean copies of “Fakin Jax” for like $.50 and $.99 a piece out in the field. The 12″ released through Elektra is a joint that I love to spin every once in a while, and never saw it for cheap. Fast forward to the present, while I was listening to Cut Chemist’s Sound of the Police I hear a snippit of “Grown Man Sport” blended in with Fela Kuti’s “Water No Get Enemy” (the original). I realized I hadn’t heard that in quite some time, and it has been stuck in my head ever since. It made me feel great because there are three artists I respect: Fela, Pete Rock, and Cut Chemist, and how each used the song differently. Fela to make a point, Pete Rock flipped it to become an underground classic, while Cut Chemist took DJing a step further by looping the original using only 1 turntable/ a loop foot pad/ mixer combo to make you nod your head to both versions simultaneously. If you don’t nod your head to that you must be dead! I even had to shout out Cut on Twitter today because I can’t get it out of my head. His response: “It’s a Grown Man Sport!” It is Cut, and they certainly do not make beats like that any more. From Africa to West Chester, NY to LA, this sample lives on. If I ever turn up a copy of the Fela record, I will definitely review it, but for now, check out the original Fela track and the Pete Rock flipped “Grown Man Sport”. Also check out Cut Chemist’s Sound of the Police as well. Keep Diggin’!

Fela Kuti “Water No Get Enemy”

INI “Grown Man Sport”

Cut Chemist performing Sound of the Police Live on 03.04.11

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