The Rossoulano 7” Vinyl Edits

Always up for new music, relicks, edits, drum edits, and more here at FMF, I can’t get enough. I mean I spoke on Diplo’s remix of Marlena Shaw’s version of “California Soul” a few days ago. What about Dilla’s reworking of “Safety Dance”, or Spinna’s version of Shirley Bassey doing “Spinning Wheel” and while we’re at it, why not Kenny Dope’s Shirley Bassey “Light My Fire” and James Brown’s “There Was a Time”? I mean even King Coleman’s “Boo Boo Song” got the relick treatment. Bottom line, originals are great, but a re-edit can make a good song even better. It looks like the Blackbeard Camp has been busy, and Rossoulano is back in the saddle again, releasing a 2 side 7″ that is sure to open peoples ears and eyes. You may remember the Blackbeard camp. It was the 90’s (or noughties) and their aptly titled sound Pirate Soul took Hip Hop originals, and Stateside Nu-Soul into their own hands, reworking the records to something a bit more organic. Taking artists such as Talib Kweli and Common, reinterpreting them into their own caught the ears of people like Norman Jay and Gilles Peterson. This led to remix work for artists like Jill Scott and Jamiroquai. After a hiatus, they’re back with this effort by Rossoulano. He takes The Supremes “Stormy” to another level. Friends in Lo Places is “an RnB / Neo Soul melter that harks back to Blackbeards edit hey day and acts as a nice reminder as to why the name still rings true to many a soul aficionado” according to the UK press. I say that Friends is a burner, so please don’t sleep! Loving both tracks, and urge you to support good music like this. Pick up a Kat 45 Tee as well, I know I am going to. The official release is scheduled for Monday June 27, 2011. Stay tuned for more from Blackbeard. Keep Diggin’!

The Supremes “Stormy”

Friends in Lo Places

Bonus mix from Kat45 over at NuNorthern Souls.

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