Scott Hobbs & Soulmind – Joint Breaks Vol.1: My Brain Weighs A Ton

These last two weeks, by chance, have been the two weeks of instrumental Hip Hop. From the unearthed gem of The Midnight Eez to the next big Hip Hop producer 14KT, I now bring you something along the same lines, but again completely different: Scott Hobbs & Soulmind. Soulmind, an “Online Marketing dude and occasional remixer working for your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ company”, and Scott Hobbs an innovator in product design and a damn good DJ as well have just put out Scott Hobbs & Soulmind – Joint Breaks Vol.1: My Brain Weighs A Ton. Labeled Instrumental as well as “Wonky” Hip Hop, I like where these guys are going with this mix. Beware! This is not your ordinary Beat Tape folks. Blending cuts from German Electronic band Robot Koch, San Francisco’s Hyphy EPROM, Prefuse 73, LA sound sculpter Nosaj Thing, and a special Gold Panda Remix by the duo among others, this journey of dubbed out beats, blips, heavy bass, drums that sound like they got processed in a water slide, and sounds may be short on time (just over 18 minutes), but is definitely not short in the punch it packs. The bass is HEAVY throughout (headphones are definitely recommended) and before you know it, like Keysey Söze, they’re gone. Gone but not forgotten, this package of beats from Germany is something different for you to put your ears around. We don’t discriminate here at FMF. Beats are beats, and these guys are definitely pushing the limit with it here in 2011. Keep Diggin’!

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