Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez – “L’Indien” Mini LP

artworks-000077344476-vmwxfv-t500x500Once again Our friends over at Heavenly Sweetness from Paris continue to make the world a better place through music. After three releases with Musique Large, here comes new material from the French duet on HS. Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez spend half their time in the studio and the other half playing live and recording it. Their music is dreamy and danceable, but with so much Soul you can feel it in your insides. Multi-taskers, they are coming off of a few remixes for Laurent Garnier and Jacaranda Muse, as well as beat providers for rappers RocĂ© and Coeff. This mini LP entitled L’Indien is six unique songs that you will grow to love after the first spin.

Call it future Hip Hop, call it Cosmic Dub, call it what ever you want. There is one thing certain: BRCP make the most of minimal sounds, funky and soulful, your ears will thank you for blessing them with such beautiful sounds on this Friday afternoon. Moving forward in many directions, this entire group of songs is deep. From the jazzy sounds of “Oranges” to the minimalist flow of “Jean Noel 41”, the head nodding title tracK “L’Indien”, the funky soundtrack of “Blind Lemon”, and the sweet “Where’s My Soul?”, this mini LP conjures up images of a fresh Spring day, top down, an uninvited rain shower and not caring. Just turn the music up. Different sounds today people, just open up your ears. Available on LP and other formats May 30th.

More info at Heavenly Sweetness.

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