Studio Science: Bob Power on Studio Mixing


Photo Courtesy Wax Poetics

We are all here for the music, at least I hope you are when you visiting Flea Market Funk. We talk artists, producers, samplers and the like. But what about the magic that goes behind the music? The engineers that get the sound just right, the sound that is the sound of classics. FMF fam Stress The White Boy passed this on to us about the legendary studio engineer Bob Power and his talk for RBMA this past year. Now if you listened to A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, The Roots, Ozomatli, or hell, even Ban Van 3000, Bob Power was behind the board. We are not even getting into his tv and film catalog either. He is a well respected and trusted engineer in the music industry, and while the video is a demonstration, it’s a inside look on how he works and what kind of tips he doles out to the audience. This man was an integral part of many classic recordings, and I’m happy we could get a peek into this session. It’s a bit off the beaten path today, but studio geek or not, today we look at a legend at work. Bob Power is in the house…….

Check out more on Bob Power here.

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