Reggae Specials Vol​.​6 – Jamaican Icons

Reggae Special Vol 6As the year comes to an end, we wanted to extend some positive vibrations to the FMF family, and what better way then a blast of reggae from the Paris DJs Crew. Featuring Djouls, Grant Phabao, Loik Dury & Ben Hito, plus a grip of guest musicians, producers, DJs, and graphic designers, they have cornered their market by outputting great music for the masses. This particular release, which came out on December 25th, showcases the producing skills of Grant Phabao, who has been crushing the game with his production and remix skills. Phabao, who ranks along the best reggae producers of our time, brings back reggae’s golden age sound through his reworkings and productions. Working with legends such as The Lone Ranger, Carlton Livingston, Echo Minott, The Silvertones, The Jays and many others, those searching for a true Jamaican soul sound come to Paris to get the touch from Grant. This volume features Reggie Stepper, Horace Andy, Quench Aid & John Wayne, and Pompidoo. With three unreleased gems on bandcamp, these tracks will surely set fire to the dancehall in a lickle minute. Cold weather a come, but Grant Phabao remixes are hotter fire. Add this flame to your sound, and see what happens. This release is just one of many hot tracks the Paris DJs have put out, so feel free to grab some other treats from the crew while you’re at it. One of the biggest cliques out there, they keep people moving and grooving until the break of dawn on the daily. Phabao dusts a soundbwoy on these 4 tracks, and we are putting it on blast in the studios all day.

More info here.

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