Has Anyone Seen DJ Derek?

DJ DerekOne of Britain’s most beloved DJs, 73 year old Derek Morris aka DJ Derek has gone missing. The Bristol, UK native, who retired in 2013, was well known for his reggae, rocksteady, soul, dancehall, and ska sounds. He was a staple on the Bristol scene. Championed by legends such as Massive Attack and Geoff Barrow of Portishead, he recently appeared in a Dizzee Rascal video. Derek often DJed with a Jamaican patois and is known as the UK’s oldest DJ. If you haven’t heard of the “Rodigan of the West”, check out the video below that tells Derek’s tale. A guy who changed careers late in life and lived by his own rules. With great taste in music, he was able to forge a career and become well known throughout the UK. His family grew concerned after he hadn’t been seen at any of his locals for about three weeks. If anyone has seen Derek or knows his whereabouts, please contact the Bristol authorities. Sending good vibes his way that he just took a trip without telling anyone and will be found soon.

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