Papas’ Got – I Wanna Love (LP Version​)​” b​/​w “I Wanna Love (Al Kent Edit​)

papas-got-twelveWell it is no surprise that the good people over at Rocafort Records are at it again, and this time it’s some afro disco fire for the dance floor. This rare disco 12″ also contains a flip side edit by King of The Disco Al Kent. This track is funky from start to finish. No bells and whistles, seriously, just a funk groove to the very end. Rowland Abrahams, lover of everything James Brown, eventually earned the nickname Papa’s Got. When he moved from his home of Jamaica to Paris in ’79, and on his own recorded the record I Wanna Love LP on RGR, which didn’t do too well. This track was the needle in the haystack that the chaps over at Rocafort decided to revive on a proper twelve inch with a sick remix on the back. Heavy drums, some funky guitar licks, lyrics that you may or may not understand due to the French patois: it’s all there. Rough around the edges, but a track that will definitely get people on their feet and on the floor. The Al Kent edit takes its rawness and shines it up, but keeps the original grit there plus some spacey echoes and more. They even kept the grammatical error on the cover, because, you know, that’s always a plus on a record you find. The cover lends itself to the music and vice versa. Rocafort Records getting their disco on, and we love it. Check out both sides of the twelve inch below, and order the record for your record box after the stream. Lovers of deep funk and disco will be excited for this record. Bump yo’ ass of if you want to, the afro disco fire is on the turntable.

Get the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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