DJ Format & Abdominal – “We’re Back” b​/​w “Diamond Hammer”

We are always excited when DJ Format has something new, and his long time collaborator Abdominal hit you hard with this forty five, “We’re Back” b/w “Diamond Hammer” out on Rocafort Records now. Two mature B-Boys who straight up body both of these up tempo funky hip hop tracks and prove that even though you may be getting up there in the years, you can age beautifully like a fine wine. “We’re Back” is that battle break track with Format keeping it ’88 and setting it straight from the get go as Abdominal educates these young cats on how it should be done. “They lackluster, we got that brilliant shine.” That says it all right there. They back it up 100% and then some. The flip, “Diamond Hammer” has the duo extracting gems and again breaking up the monotony of this rap game. Listen close to the organ sample and tight beats with some signature psych rock guitars (check out ‘Spaceship Earth” Format did with Edan a little while back) as it reinforces that the B-Side can win again and again too. There is so much out there that is good, you need to dig it up, and if you can’t well, we are happy to do it for you. This seven brings us back to when hip hop was raw, so listen to it and feel it. Shouts out to Rocafort Records for putting out a dope record like this, some uptempo B Boy shit that will have you uprocking and windmilling before you know it. Real hip hop is in the building…what! Stream both of the tracks below:

Buy the record here.

Keep Diggin’!

One response to “DJ Format & Abdominal – “We’re Back” b​/​w “Diamond Hammer”

  1. DJ Format & Abdominal did it again. “Still Hungry” is one my favourite record from the last months and this 7-inch single looks very fine too.



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