Professor Shorthair – NOLA Breaks V​.​4 – The Meters​/​Jean Knight

Professor Shorthait and Superjock Record are back with another NOLA Mix forty five. This time, as always, coming correct with funky classics. He touches “Do Me” by Jean Knight and The Meters “Find Yourself”. Relicking them in his own special way, the good Professor transforms the timeless records into future classic remixes, each in their own right capable of rocking the party most definitely. With a boom bap vibe, extra vocals and samples, plus a heavy dose of drums, we are excited for this round of sevens from Superjock. These records are in limited quantity and move fast, so if you are a fan of relicks and rebumps a la labels like Dusty Donuts, these are for you. Professor Shorthair for the win. Have a listen to both sides of this fantastic record below and by it after the stream.

More info about the record here.

Limited edition orange vinyl available at Fat Beats here.

Keep Diggin’!

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