EABS – Repetitions (Letters to Krzysztof Komeda)

It’s no secret we have a deep love for jazz here at Flea Market Funk. Whether it is the elders like Herbie Hancock or John Patton, who paved the road for today’s geniuses like Kamashi Washington or Yussef Kamaal and beyond, we love to fill our day with the sounds of jazz here at the lab. The Polish septet EABS (Electro-Acoustic Beat Sessions) can be filed under the latter, and is an outfit that combines traditional Polish jazz with many other elements to interpret modern jazz music in their own way. Repetitions (Letters to Krzysztof Komeda) is dedicated to the Krzysztof Komeda, a legend in the Polish jazz scene, and explores many of his lesser known works and compositions. There compositions were featured in documentaries, movies, short films, ballets, and the like between the years of 1962-1967. While it may be totally unknown to many, the impact that Komeda had on Polish jazz was immense, and EABS do a bang up job of bringing their take on it to the masses.

Photo by Hubert Misiaczyk

The bands philosophy of “reconstruction from deconstruction” is proven through their own jazz improvisations mixed with sampling and loops throughout the compositions. The music itself is littered with hip hop, funk, gospel, and jungle music throughout, furthering the explorations of Komeda into the far reaches of jazz music. There is only one guest on the record, and that would be Polish jazz legend Michael Urbaniak (crate diggers rejoice), who’s violin can be heard on the side “Free Witch And No Bra Queen/ Sult”. We are most definitely digging the fact that they have someone on the turntables as an instrument, and although this is not the first time it’s been done, it is always nice to see that injection into a kjazz line up. In the end, it really does not make a difference if you are aware of Krzysztof Komeda or not, but after this LP you will be. EABS has given us a fabulous record that stretches the jazz sound but still honoring the elders that came before them. A definite record that flew under the radar that will be a future classic. Stream the record below and have you mind blown.

Get the record here.

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