Gizelle Smith – Sweet Memories b/w S​.​T​.​A​.​Y.

Today’s vinyl treat marks the return of Gizelle Smith with two new sides of a 45 that will most definitely uplift your mood, put a smile on your face, and give you a little extra pep in your step wherever you are. Music is the medicine that cures all ills, and Gizelle Smith is the doctor. Side One, “Sweet Memories” is a soulful, emotional pour out your heart track that not only captures your ears but your soul as well. She digs deep and gives you all the emotion on this side. A nice balance of a funky back beat, great harmonies, and soulful treats. We put Gizelle up there with any of these pop divas today, but to us she’s the clear winner. The girl has soul. The flip, “S.T.A.Y.” (featuring Eric Boss) is our joint. A super, up tempo mid 60’s sounding soul popper has them doing their best Marvin and Tammy partnership over nicely crafted drums and horn stabs for days. This side definitely show’s Smith’s versatility as a vocalist, and well, when you have Eric Boss on the track, you can never go wrong. These unsung heroes of modern soul music, giving a nod back to the elders and showing a whole new audience of young listeners the definition of soul music is exactly what needs to be done. These two tracks are shining examples of that philosophy and of quality music you get if you go beneath the surface. This record is a winner fo’ sho’. Check out both sides below and purchase the 45, available on December 1 via Jalapeno Records.

Get the record, out Dec. 1st here.

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