The Sorcerers – In Pursuit Of Shai Hulud​ b/w ​The Anderson Spectrum

Taking a trip back to Ethiopia via Leeds, UK today with members of the house band for ATA Records that make up the fantastic sounds of The Sorcerers. Riding hard for the sounds of Ethiojazz, The Ethiopiques, as well as the soundtracks to 1960’s and 1970’s European horror films, the band made a splash in 2015 with their debut record The Sorcerers. Taking cues on that release from the legendary Mulatu Astatke, they have opened up a bit. Still channeling the Ethio sound we have come to love, they’ve kicked it up a notch. The A-side, “In Pursuit Of Shai Hulud​” jumps right out of the gate with heavy percussion and bass, as well as a rhythm that just won’t quit. Present are flute and organ, that drive this single home to the promised land. The flip is an interesting cover of an original track out of the Yorkshire Film & Television Orchestra vaults called “The Anderson Spectrum”. They re-recorded and renamed “The Viking Of 5th Avenue” on their debut release. A different direction, but fuzzy and horn laden all the same. This seven is definitely one for the record boxes people. You don’t believe us? Just ask Mulatu Astatke himself, who recently heard their music while in the UK. Her liked it so much that he played them on his Addis Ababa radio show. Now that’s full circle and one hell of a co-sign! Listen to the track below and order the very limited forty five below:

Pre-Order the record, out on March 30th via ATA Records here.

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