Group Modular – Black Ray​/​Acid Wheels

When a new release comes through from the Jerusalem based Delights label, there is always something special brewing. This new record from Jerusalum/ Tel Aviv band Group Modular is just in time for International Synthesizer Day on May 23rd. Two tracks full of synthed out fuzz for your listening pleasure. The duo of Markey Funk and Mule Driver (Confused Machines) are back at it after their debut The Mystery of Mordy Lay six years ago. Both tracks are a bit harder and tick all the boxes: synths, heavy drums, fuzzed out guitars and a groove that doesn’t stop. “Black Ray”, a side that could illustrate and be the theme song for a science fiction villain who wants to take over the world, is dark and brewing. Leading with heavy synthesizer sounds, it’s spaced out to the limit. You can hear tinges of soundtrack and psychedelic moods throughout for sure. A great A-Side. For us though, the money track is the flip as the B-Side wins again. “Acid Wheels”, a demonic motorcycle thriller from some forgotten biksploitation flick that is the real deal. With tinges of Can, 1960’s Tower Records forty fives, and a far out space vibe, we feel like this is the track. We waited six years for this, and it was well worth the wait. For all of you drum heads, there are plenty of drums in both tracks, and of course the synthesizer work is top notch as well. So much there when you dig deeper folks. This record is in an extremely small quantity, with 150 pieces pressed up for Bandcamp and another 150 for other outlets. Comes with a numbered silver on black limited screen printed cover and stickers. Always a bonus. Listen to the tracks below:

Pre-order the record here, available On May 23rd.

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