Sputnik Brown – U Havin’ Fun Yet​?​ b​/​w Idealism

Sliding into your ear hole all sly (and maybe a month late), we have a nice little seven from Sputnik Brown featuring Oxygen on vocals: “U Havin’ Fun Yet?” . This was originally released as a 12″ in 2007, became a cult classic and was championed by hip hop heads throughout the globe. If you haven’t heard it, here’s your chance to check it, and if you have and you’re into forty fives, here’s a great chance for it to be in your record box right now. Released on Jamille Records (shout to Darrell D), this is one our favorite underground tracks that gets any crowd it’s played at hype. You also get the 7″ instrumental version, a bonus 16 from Oxygen live from the legendary “Squeeze Radio” show with Sucio Smash & Timm See on WKCR 89.9FM recorded in 2006, and a another exclusive track “Idealism”. This track features Ox on vocals and Edan on turntables from a practice session from their legendary 2012 Academy Records in store in NYC. It’s dope either side you play, and limited to 500 pieces (black vinyl) and 100 pieces (color vinyl) in single and double pack options. Numbered, this release sure will be in demand for years to come when it’s gone. One that will remain a classic for years. Check out the record below, and a special live performance in London as well. Dope stuff all around.

Bonus Live Coverage from The Doctor’s Orders, East Village London 2013:

Oxygen + Edan Live at Academy Records 2012

Get the record here.

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