Beat Bronco Organ Trio – Easy Baby b​/​w Geriatric Dance

Monday morning giving you the blues? No worries, because Rocafort Records has something to lift up those spirits and get you on your way in a hurry. Introducing the Beat Bronco Organ Trio. They’ve who got a double sided seven of goodness for the world’s ears. Hailing from Madrid, Spain, this trio take it back to a soul jazz golden age, when players like Reuben Wilson, Jimmy Smith, and Jimmy McGriff were burning up the chitlin’ circuit with their special brand of jazz. If you like the sound of Grant Green or Lou Donaldson when they were going off with top organ players like John Patton, then you’ll love the sound of this record. The three players, Gabri Casanova, (Hammond), Lucas de Mulder (Guitar), and Antonio “Pax” (Drums) are tight and out of sight. Easy Baby”, the A side is just as it states: easy and breezy. Lots of low key wah wah guitar, a steady back beat and Hammond action for days. Slow moving and a head nodder for sure. The flip, “Geriatric Dance” is where things get interesting.
Upbeat and moving, this is dance floor jazz where you want it to be. This is what it should sound like. You can hear the ghost of Grant Green hollering out on this one for sure, telling the band to turn up the heat somewhere in the Midwest in a basement. It is for sure something for the people who like to dance. While it’s pre-disco funk or soul jazz, it’s pure soul jazz heat, with all three working overtime to give you more of what you didn’t know you needed. Now you do. Rocafort Records once again proving why they can’t be stopped. This record will be released on April 26th. A nice addition to your jazz box.

Pre-Order the record here.

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