Project Gemini – Forest Creeper b/w Monsters at Gardens End

Ending the week off with some delightful psychedelic funk from musician, producer, and music journalist Paul Osborne aka Project Gemini, we have two sides of late ’60’s/ early ’70’s sounds recorded in the Gardens End studio in West London. With more aural vibrations that would be associated with The Shire or some Hobbit house in the ground, Osborne lays down some very tough tracks. These sides were marinating under a liquid projector for some time, and features Haifa based producer Shuzin on drums, Markey Funk on keys (and production), and Osborne taking on all other instrumentation duties. “Forest Creeper” is a track sent from another galaxy, buried deep in the center of the earth, finally coming out to see the light of day. It’s got that heavy, cinematic, psych feel to it. Fuzzy guitars and a bad ass groove that prove why the Delights label is one of the best doing records like this today. They get it, and the authenticity of the sounds are the reason these records are so popular. “Monsters At Gardens End” is the spookier of the two. Not quite all out horror soundtrack, but heavy psych funk that indeed pushes the envelope of the genre into other worldly sounds, tones, and noise. The synth work really adds another layer to this eerie track that could lead to absolute danger. Is it leading the listener to the monster, or is the listener the actual monster? One will never know until it reaches the end of the track. The record will be released on May 17th via the Delights label. Stream both tracks below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the record here.

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