The Du-Rites: Neckbones (Live​)​ b​/​w Gittin’ Sound

The Du-Rites are back today with a digital single and something to hold you over for a bit while they, you know, get into it, get down, get back, get involved, and feed the beast that is funky ass music from the minds of J-Zone and Pablo Martin. The beast they are feeding is a live record, Soundcheck at 6 that will be out in September of this year. This live record features “Neckbones” from their first record and on this version they inject the blues to it (just like they do during their live shows). With a candid intro from J-Zone about the joy or shall we say, the lack of joy when eating neckbones in your oatmeal for the first and last time, the tune gets stripped down a bit. Still funky, but with some Bo Diddly thrown in for good measure, it’s a jam for sure. Featuring Bruce Martin on keyboards and percussion and Bill Harvey on bass, it’s a keeper. “Gittin’ Sound” was born out of the band messing around in sound check. Featuring just the two original Du-Rites on all instruments once again, it was put into overdrive luckily by mistake. It’s damn funky, and with some added overdubs, you have a dope track. Oddly, left field, you never know what is going to happen during the sound check. I mean, you’ve been waiting all day like you do on tour, just wait and wait. So when you get on stage, all those creative juices start to flow like mad. This track is the result of that process. Listen to both songs below, and buy it after the stream. Here’s your music, and tip about neckbones for the day.

Get the music here.

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