MNP – Chicxulub​ b/w ​Linus

More cinematic psych funk out of the Delights Records camp from the band they call MNP. Hailing from Brighton, UK, they once again put the scope up and shoot completely on target with this latest face melter of a forty five. The quartet of Simon Hill on bass and double bass, Toby Sendall on guitar and percussion, Robin Mallon on drums, and newcomer Lee Nicklen on keys tear it up on this seven like a band possessed. Two tracks of excessive heat for those who dig the funk/ psych sound, B-movie soundtrack cinematic experience all rolled up in one. “Chicxulub” is a far out, spacey, jazzy, guitar trip that belongs in some 2001 A Space Odyssey type movie. It’s what we feel like it might sound on Mars. Space wind, dust, and a funky drums alongside a freaked out set of keys and special effects (provided by Markey Funk). It’s a deep universe trip and we are excited that MNP are back. The flip, “Linus” is a slow burner from start to finish. Still hitting the outer reaches of the universe, we can feel Earth’s glow getting lower and lower, as the quartet drift further away from this big blue marble. Atmospheric and moving, it’s an other worldly delight with Markey Funk again adding more space dust to the mix. Great sounds once again from MNP and the label. The record will be released on November 1st via Delights Records. Stream both tracks below and pre-order after the tunes.

Pre-Order The Record here.

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