Shella Record – A Reggae Mystery

Sometimes records are a mystery. Think about the number of aspiring singers and musicians who have cut records since the inception of the vinyl record. Only a select few have made it into the mainstream and became a household name. Some cut a record, had a hit, and then fell off popular culture. Some made a record, didn’t have a hit, and faded into obscurity. That happened more than not, as record labels couldn’t find markets, couldn’t recoup the money they put into artists, or the timing was wrong and the next best thing came along. We see it so much in the record game. These records, now, are highly sought after, Getting a rare record to rock a party or add to your collection is thrilling. Every record has a story. Some are harder to get than others. Shella record: A Reggae Mystery is a new documentary about the search for a long lost singer by artist and vinyl fanatic Chris Flanagan after he found one of her records in a junk shop. His journey leads him from Toronto to Jamaica and all across the United States. Along the way, he encounters psychics, ghost hunters, private investigators, and a variety of Jamaican royalty searching for the mystery singer Shella Record. Like any collector and champion of the medium, Flanagan is on an obsessive quest to find this mystery woman. The story is told through film and amazing creative studio built models and recreations from Flanagan’s studio. If you’re a fan of vinyl records, then you no doubt have asked the same questions about other records. Watch one person go the distance to have that question answered.

The record and artist in search of:

Watch the trailer here:

More info on the documentary here.

This film is playing in NYC on Sunday, Nov. 10th.

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