Lizette & Quevin – Grow Forever b​/​w Now It’s Your Turn To Sing

We all need some soothing calm with all of this madness going on around us, so of course, let Big Crown step in and drop a forty-five that could calm even the most savage of beasts. Today’s goodness (thank goodness) is from newcomers Lizette and Quevin and their infectious groove of a track “Grow Forever”. You see, Quevin is one-third of the Brainstory chaps, and his silky smooth voice is responsible for such hits as “Dead End” and “Mnemophobia”. Lizette, when not making fantastic ceramics as an artist has the voice of an angel, and it’s quite evident as both sing their ass off on this track. This mid-tempo hitter is exactly what the world needs now: beautiful music that you can play over and over again. This track elicits the good vibes folks, and the flip is the instrumental so you can sing along yourself. See what Big Crown did there? They’re inviting you to sing your own songs to the track via YouTube, with three top prizes given away by the record company. Who knows, you may be the next big star on Big Crown Records! Stay tuned for more details. What we do know, though, is that both sides of this soulful ballad with the heavy-hitting drums and smooth vocals all around. If you’re looking for something mellow that does hit on the harder side, then this is the track for you. Big Crown doing big tings once again. Listen to both sides of the record below and order it after the stream.

Get the record here.

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