Feeling This Friday: Claude Cooper – Tangerine Dreams b​/​w Two Mile Hill’

We are feeling this debut record for Friendly Records (the best little shop in Bristol, UK) on this Friday. Besides servicing the community and area with the finest in the black crack (and the best logo we’ve been wearing on our tee for a minute), they are now servicing the world with a fantastic seven inch. This looks to be a good and fruitful endeavor for the shop as this one is a double-sided heat-seeking lava rock. Claude Cooper’s “Tangerine Dreams” is a high energy, bass-filled B-Boy freakout. Throw in the heavy drums and a sax solo and it’s a party. File this one under psychedelic jazzy breaks. Speaking of, the breakdown is from a cop show in the ’70s that decided to stop at a rave. You know what we mean. It’s got those sounds that blend in nicely with the breakbeats and we dig the little piano that is thrown in the end while it fades out. The flip is just as hot. “Two Mile Hill” has more of that bass and heavy breakbeat goodness, but with some trumpet pulsing over it and additional percussion throughout. It’s definitely on the jazz tip with lots of funk elements throughout. This I’d like to be at a small club in the UK, drink in hand, feeling the groove of this one. It’s gets free, it gets loose, but it has the minerals we’re looking for in a forty-five. This one may not be for the dance floor and just for grooving to on your turntable, but it’s a burner all the same. Limited quantities with custom sleeve for all you sleeve geeks. Hey Tom, when is number two coming out??!! Listen to both tracks below and pre-order after the stream.

Pre-order the record here, shipping out January 1st 2021!

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