Outer Space: Not Even Light b​/​w Dead Planet

We’ve always encouraged all of our readers here at Flea Market Funk to dig deeper. It’s in reference to music and vinyl records, but really, in life itself. What good is just skimming things off the top of a world-wide bastion of incredible experiences? There are so many talented artists around the globe making and doing great things in their own right, we feel really strongly about trying to find the hidden gems, unearthing chestnuts, and enjoying something a little different than the norm. Such is the case with the record on deck from Rocafort Records today. Rocafort has that knack of finding some really great artists and getting them on their roster to put out fantastic records. Outer Space is just a band like that. The six-piece band from Barcelona has given us a ripper of a forty-five and two sides of heat from start to finish.

Outer Space drives it home all the way to the Motherland on this side.

The A-Side, “Not Even Light”, is an Ethio-jazz burner. Giving a nod to the master Mulatu Astatke, the infectious groove of this seven inch is undeniable. Soulful and funky, Outer Space drives it home all the way to the Motherland on this side. If you’re not familiar with Astake and his peers, then use this record a jumping point to go backward and discover some of the most wonderful music you’ll ever hear. We’d implore you to also read up on its rich history as well. This is just one song that in four minutes and thirty-nine seconds unravels a whole lineage of the genre. On the flip, “Dead Planet”, Outer Space enlists the help of Catalan guest singer Gemma Humet. The siren removes you from the streets of Barcelona and takes you right to Addis Ababa immediately. Her unique voice pairs perfectly with Outer Space’s rhythms. Another great release from the record label and a feather in the cap of a discography that’s worth the time to go through. Stream both below and purchase after the stream.

Pre-order the record here, available from Rocafort Records on March 5th.

Dig Deeper!

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