Black Market Brass: Chemical Plant Zone

Minneapolis afropsychedelic funk stalwarts Black Market Brass channel the early ’90s with their latest double sided seven inch of heat on Colemine Records. For those of you who grew up through the video game craze of the ’80s/’90s and beyond, there was so much more when the Sega Genesis came to life. Games from the NBA to the NHL (real blood when you hit the ice!) to a classic cart like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 are forever etched into young gamer’s minds as they grow up. This is where BMB draw their latest inspiration from on this latest single. Not just for the nineties’ kids, but for all who can appreciate some hard hitting afro funk and soul wherever they are.

Better yet, let’s face it, it can really be a soundtrack to the video game in this day and age, Black market Brass are that good.

“Chemical Plant Zone”, level two on this totally awesome video game that you either had the duckets saved from your birthdays to buy from Caldor or rented from Blockbuster, gets the A-Side on another top notch release from the label. A percussion filled whirlwind, heavy organ, and guitar swirl around your mind as you get nostalgic, but realize that it’s not just an 16-bit fantasy in your head but a seven inch reality from some of the best players in Mill City. Better yet, let’s face it, it can really be a soundtrack to the video game in this day and age, Black Market Brass are that good. But as always, they’re not done. Flip the 45 on to the B-side and you’ll get their version of the “Sagat Theme” from Street Fighter. Two sides, two parties, BMB have done it again. This one comes out officially on vinyl (the red is sold out already), but you can pre-order after the stream from Colemine (which we’d suggest). This one hits on a lot of levels. Level up and grab this seven.

Pre-order the forty-five, out on Colemine Records around May 7th.

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