Rudy De Anda · BARDO: Couldn’t Seal The Deal

Back once again we have some West Coast vibes from one of Karma Chief’s shining stars Mister Rudy De Anda. With some help from BARDO, the new single “Couldn’t Seal The Deal” is a straight up whopper of a track. Always on time and on point, De Anda, this one resonates on many levels.

This song is about the abrupt and cold feeling of rejection from a post heartbreak point of view. Bardo wrote these lyrics that would eerily very soon after be a sad premonition in my own personal life

Rudy de Anda

Both BARDO and De Anda lay it all on the line here and weave a tail of rejection and heartbreak, pushing between soulful heartache and alternative lo-fi rock and roll feels. This song is relatable to so many and if you haven’t felt out either one of these artists, you’re missing out. The new crop of Colemine Records family has brought in many new sounds, tempos, and moods. De Anda is a welcome addition and his sound fits in perfectly on the record shelf. Left Coast vibes for days, we’ve been hooked since the beginning. Great little guitar breakdown in this one as well. Check out the single below and get more info after the stream.

More info here.

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