SimfOnyx: Der Maulwurf b/w Eolomea

End of the year release from our good man Marky Funk and Haifa-based producer Shuzin, the duo better known as SimfOnyx on the Delights label. As expected, it’s a double-sider of heavy goodness from the very first drop.

The A-Side, “Der Maulwurf” (or “The Mole”) sees the duo hit up some inspiration from East German crime movies of the sixties with this funky strut. Heavy on the synths, the duo hit up Mazkeka Studios in Jerusalem last July and put forth both of these tracks. The track flows fast and hard with great drums and some background atmosphere action that would certainly highlight any film whether it’s that time period or not. Their cinematic style on this track is undeniable. On the flip, “Eolomea” takes us to an unexplored region of the unknown: space. A track built especially for the final frontier, this slow-burn hits synthy library goodness from start to finish. Well done once again Delights, you’ve stuck to your guns and had another winner. Listen to both tracks below and pre-order the record after the stream. It’s a limited amount of pieces, 300 in total available on January 14th.

Get the record here.

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