Big Ups


Big Ups is where I give props and Big Up the people who are doing big things in this world. Respected DJ’s, Collectors, Producers, and anyone else that has left or is in the process of leaving their mark with this music we all love. Stay tuned for some interesting characters and some great reads. Keep Diggin’!

14 KT
Adam Gibbons aka Lack of Afro
Adrian Younge
Antonio Leiriao
Allen Thayer aka The Ambassador
Andy Noble
Bobbito Garcia
Boca 45
BreakBeat Lou
Brendan from The Right Now!
Brian Poust aka Agent 45
Calamity Jade
Cameron Hodges from Dark Matter Coffee
Case Bloom
Chairman Maf
Chairman Mao
Chris Read
Cool Chris
Cosmo Baker
Dale Barrie from Kept Records
Danny Holloway
Danny Spice
Darien Birks of The Stuyvesants
Darrell D from Jamille Records
Deano Sounds
Devil Dick
Double K of Parkdale Funk
DJ Andy Smith
DJ Ayers
DJ Blueprint
DJ Bluewater
DJ Cad
DJ Cheese
DJ Chicken George
DJ Cutler
DJ Day
DJ Delgado
DJ E.A.S.E. aka Nightmares On Wax
DJ Format
DJ Frane
DJ Gilla
DJ Haylow
DJ Junior
DJ Kamui
DJ King Otto
DJ Kwak
DJ Lexis of Music Is My Sanctuary
DJ Maseo
DJ MDeck
DJ Mike Scott
DJ Mr. Thing
DJ Nitekrawler
DJ Nu-Mark
DJ Pari
DJ Platurn
DJ Prime-Mundo
DJ Riz
DJ Save 1
DJ Sheep
DJ Shred One
DJ Skills
DJ Soul Sister
DJ Suspect
DJ Unexpected
DJ Tee Pee
DJ Wax On
DJ Woody
DJ Zimmie
Djouls from Paris DJs
E da Boss
Ernesto Chahoud
Eric from Secret Stash Records
Euan Fryer
Fidel Cutsro
Florian Keller
Forrest Getumgump
Franck from Heavenly Sweetness
Greg Belson
House Shoes
Ian Wright
Jazzman Gerald
JJ Whitefield
Jim Sharp
Jim Thompson of Electric Cowbell Records
John Noll
Jonathan Sklute from Good Records
Jukka from Timmion Records
Kris Holmes
Kyle Hodges
Larry Grogan from Funky 16 Corners
lil’ dave
M Fasis
Mac McRaw
Marsellus Wallace
Marc Hype
Max Tannone
Meaty Ogre
Mike 2600
Mo Manley
Mr. Bird
Mr. Krum
Mxolisi Makhubo aka Nok
Nik Weston
Noah Uman
Nydia aka The Honeydripper
Otis Funkmeyer
Oxygen aka Ox the Architect
Pat James Longo
Phill Most Chill
RAMBO Salinas
Roger Bong from Aloha Got Soul
Shawn Lee
Sigher from The Gutter Snypes
Skeme Richards
Sloppy White
Small Change
Small Professor
Smoove of Smoove & Turrell
Sport Casual
Stuart Baker from Soul Jazz Records
Tall Black Guy
Tarik Thornton
Ted At The Controls
Terry Cole of Colemine Records
Tim “Love” Lee
Tom Noble
TT Doc Nu
Wah Wah 45s


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