What is Flea Market Funk?

Flea Market Funk is Jersey City, NJ-based blog and lifestyle web portal focusing on collecting and DJing Funk, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop and Reggae music on vinyl. Founder, Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief Jamison “DJ Prestige” Harvey started FMF in 2007 and since then it has grown exponentially, preserving the music and culture of the DJ lifestyle authentically through reviews, original and guest mixes, interviews, and much more. With monthly visitors numbering 50,000+ and a site revamp in the summer of 2017, Flea Market Funk has no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

“DJ Prestige is doing the Lord’s work with Flea Market Funk. That is, if the Lord were a dedicated fanatic of vinyl and all its peripheral paraphernalia. Keep on preaching, brother!” – DJ Monk One/ Wax Poetics

Photo Courtesy of Jonas Gustavsson


To say that vinyl records are a part of DJ Prestige’s life would be a considerable understatement. A DJ and vinyl advocate for more than two decades, Prestige has been a vocal champion for all things “black wax” through hundreds of live gigs over the past 20 years, and at the acclaimed Flea Market Funk website. He is the definition of someone who practices what he preaches, and his insider view of the DJ and record collecting game make him one of the most respected names in the blogosphere, as well as the NYC area DJ scene.

DJ Prestige is doing the Lord’s work with Flea Market Funk. That is, if the Lord were a dedicated fanatic of vinyl and all its peripheral paraphernalia. Keep on preaching, brother!- Monk One, Editor Wax Poetics/ Historian/ DJ

On Flea Market Funk, which was founded in 2007, he celebrates legendary but often underappreciated Funk, Soul, Jazz, Reggae and Hip Hop artists while also preserving their work through original mixes, reviews, and live sets. This dedication has forged an airtight rep for Prestige and Flea Market Funk amongst record collectors around the world.

There’s no funk publicists and very few funk websites. There’s not even a funk option in the genre menus on Soundcloud and Tunecore. That’s how dire it is. So for one of those few prominent funk sites to be run by DJ Prestige – a student, fan, collector and DJ – is an extremely valuable asset to musicians and DJs who work in such an underrepresented and overlooked genre.” – J- Zone

DJ Prestige, who has spent his life in the NJ / NYC area, has toured nationally as a DJ on the Lava/ Atlantic record label as well as opened for artists ranging from Q-Tip, Bad Brains, and Joss Stone among many others while also doing parties for corporate clients such as Google, You Tube, Adidas, Universal Pictures, Victoria’s Secret, Major League Soccer,  Roark Revival, Random House, and more. He has been featured on ESPN and has also collaborated with Major League Soccer on their New York derby campaign in 2016.

“My man DJ Prestige has been keeping it real on the decks and at Flea Market Funk for years. We’ve dug together in the crates, shared the turntables at many gigs, and exchanged much knowledge. He is that dude.” – Larry Grogan/ Funky 16 Corners

Currently based out of Jersey City, NJ, he can be found at residencies including the Ace Hotel,  Friends and Lovers, and Bierwax,  in NYC, Antique Bar & Bakery in Hoboken, NJ, The Asbury Hotel in Asbury Park, NJ, as well as various parties around the country.

Photo Courtesy of The Asbury Hotel

Prestige was a Production Coordinator and Contributing writer on Eilon Paz’s acclaimed Dust & Grooves: Adventures In Record Collecting, the first photo book on vinyl collectors and their collections. He is also an active freelance writer, and is sought after for music reviews and social commentary on vinyl records and much more.

Prestige’s DJ style crosses genres like a good mix tape: Hip Hop, Rock, Funk, Soul, Reggae and more blend together seamlessly as he pays tribute to the philosophy of The Bronx in the 1970s.  A time where there were no musical boundaries, only good music that brought a diverse audience together and kept them moving and grooving all night long.

“I never was that guy that was comfortable hanging a piece on the wall. I’d rather have 1000 dollar records of quality that I dug up as opposed to 1 record that is a grand. I need to play what I find, this music has to be preserved and heard.”- DJ Prestige


For booking inquiries: jamison@fleamarketfunk.com

Photo by Rick Wenner

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  1. hey man

    stumbled upon ur website…..must say its great…..i love how every 45 u write about are ones that i have and love just as much!!! great to see a humble digger such as myself (not all of us can be shadows, or keb darges lol)

    so, liverpool supporter? i cant say i agree with u there lol….but perhaps they can win the champions league? milan are lookin very good

    get back to me man….u seem like a cool cat


  2. Hey FMF,

    Your blog is inspirational.

    I have been blogging for a while, but both your site (and F16C) have helped me to move to the next level. I have added you to the blog roll and a recent roadtrip, (to take the folding bikes to the hills) was filled with a podcast SDTRK from your blog.

    I am also into bikes, but have not made it to the single speed, into old Paramounts and Raleigh 3 speeds.

    Keep up the good work and stay cool,

  3. Hey DJ Prestige,

    I love your blog! I like the great info you give on all of the MP3s you post. Its a great history lesson on a lot of obsecure music. Be sure to check my blog at http://www.moodmosaic.blogspot.com. I’ve tried to model my blog after yours containing mixes from my DJ night and other interesting MP3s.


  4. I’m really feeling this stuff!!! I check out this blog every chance that I get, I just love the mp3s that you post up on here! Awesome stuff! I was wondering if you could or anybody help me out with this specific song by RICHARD EVANS, its from his DEALING WITH HARD TIMES lp…

    There was this one joint that I was really feeling it has this distinct sound that sounds like either a guitar riff or an high pitch humming… I have been looking for that song for the longest!!

    I had the lp in my grasp at one point, until the owner changed her mind and decided not to sell that record so she can sell it for cigarette and alcohol money. If I only can hear it one more time I would be satisfy, but it’s sooo hard to find this lp. Thanks for posting up good music!

    Peace Out


  5. Prestige,

    I’ve been digging the site for a while now. It’s a great mix of background info (on the dig and the artist) and music. Thanks for dropping the knowledge.

    I just started a blog of my own, http://www.ontheone.wordpress.com My first feature is Allison and Calvin Tuner’s “What is this?.” Check it out when you have a chance. My goal is to try to do a song per week and then increase the frequency with time.

    Let me know what you think.

  6. I am requesting a special mix and blog about me on my 35th birthday which incidentally is right around the corner. I see that you have made a mix for Father’s Day and had a shout out for Mom – it is only appropriate that you make a big deal out of me too! Please don’t forget to include my Guster boys….

    Love ya!

    PS – You make me proud DJ!

  7. I always check for your blog. Nuff respect. I made a link to your page, and left my link in the website field. Big Up

    Hugh Knight


  9. Great site, i have been looking for this answer song called Man to Woman by lonnie youngblood, wondering if you have converted it to mp3 yet. I am a digger too, part of my life. Keep up the good work

  10. Hey Man!
    So so Great to hear form you! Thanks bunches for stopping by my lil corner of blogland! Major unexpected blast from the past! 🙂 Your blog is fabbbbulous!! So much eye/ear candy! Loven it!!
    Yeah..it has been so long! Lots of craziness on our end. But we see a light at the end of the tunnel! Def gotta come out and see ya soon!! My sis has been trying like mad to make that happen. Maybe around the holidays!!!
    So happy to see you are doing great! Best Best Wishes!!! Talk soon!
    xoxo Jenny………and Aaron….and Carlos!

  11. Hey DJ…
    I was surfing and came upon your blog. I’m diggin it. I just started blogging myself, as I was compelled by those 45’s in my dad’s collection. No really…I was compelled by all the great soul music out there that people don’t listen to or respect, thus “Seldom Heard.” Check me out at the “seldomheard” site and I’ll continue to get my my 45 high at the flea market!

  12. I just came across a post you made back in July asking for information about a record you pick up called by The Omystics and the track was called Crab Grass. I posted a plenty lengthy response on the forum. Not sure if you would would see it or not. If you still want the history on that record you can email me and I’ll be happy to tell you what I know about it.

  13. Primo blog! Music is so vital to life, as she is ever-evolving and never short of surprises. To quote the Rick Holmes classic (Remember to Remember), “Pass the information, extend the knowledge.”

    peace + jazz,


  14. great site, stumbled across it accidentally.
    keep can stop now, but will be back soon!


  15. First things first- many, MANY thanks for buying my Jesse Fisher 45, and even more thanks for the kind e-mail you sent and the nice things you said about my business! It made my day to read it and It is people like you that make diggin’ for vinyl so much fun!!

    Second, I absolutely love your website & blog and immediately bookmarked it as a favorite. I am looking forward to diggin’ into the site at length and checkin’ out some of this cool funk. I love what you’re doing and please keep up the great work. I know what an effort all this online work truly is, and I wanted to let you know how much it is appreciated.

    Thanks for keepin’ cool vinyl alive!
    Michael Stephens

  16. Yr blog is so much fun. I especially appreciate the way you chronicle the characters you encounter while digging. I find it just as fascinating as the finds themselves. Record scores in the many thrift stores here in Columbus, OH are few and far between, but the time spent is always repaid in craziness from fellow shoppers. Anyway, thanks for a reliably great reading/listening experience.
    Keep Digging!


  17. Hey DJ Prestige,

    We love your blog! We’ve featured your 100,000 Hits and Running Mix on our homepage. Come check out the rest of the site.


  18. Hi DjP, I’m an italian mod, aged 42…discovering your blogspot was a great event to me. Thanx to u, i learn a lot about stunning music very hard to fine here in Italy…
    Keep on, man!!!

  19. Man, if you’re into rare records, which you obviously are, then you just HAVE to check out the brothers over at Lost Discs Radio…


    They have a weekly Saturday night show on shortwave and webcast. It’s a great source for discovering rare stuff man…

  20. Billy Harner “The Godfather of Blue Eyed Soul” is back and better that ever!

    Billy Harner’s amazing musical career spans 4 decades. Early on he was nicknamed “The Human Perkulator” by the famous Philadelphia DJ “Hy Lit” because of his strong voice and energy-packed stage performances.

    The Perk, as all his friends call him, has recorded on several record labels including Kama Sutra of the MGM & Paramount Records empire as well as the famous Cameo Parkway Record Company. Billy Harner was the first white artist signed by Atlantic Records and connected with a hit song: “Message To My Babe”. Some of Billy’s other hits include: “Sally Sayin’ Somethin”, “She’s Almost You” (written by Joe South), “I Struck It Rich”, (written by the award winning songwriting team of Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff), “Homicide Dresser”, “Human”, “What About The Children” and more.

    The Perk still lights up a stage as bright as lightning. Like a combination of the late great James Brown and Mick Jagger, his live performances are nothing short of electrifying and Red Hot. And he’s better now than he has ever been. Billy hopes that all of his fans worldwide will enjoy his brand new CD titled “Billy Harner, The Human Perkulator, Then, Now and Forever!” The 14 song CD produced by Millville, NJ songwriters Nelson Trout and Curt Schad on the Shoutback Records label includes brand new versions of his hits as well as a couple of outstanding new songs that Billy wanted to surprise you all with.

    Check out his website…….




  21. Hi, I read some of your stories on digging for records. It is very funny and I can recognise myself in what you are doing. I dig for vinyl on week-ends (though the stuff you find is impossible to find here in Gent, Belgium – so I am quite jealous ;-)) and guess what : we also have our harmless weirdo’s. One we call “Vuile Guido”, meaning “Dirty Guido” because he is dirty, unwashed for weeks, unshaved, yes our local Stinky Steve…

    Take care, Hans.

  22. hey just stumbled on your site by accident – big record collector from manchester here – working on an oil rig in yemen at moment – will have a good look at your stuff – cheers man – pity you a liverpool fan – ah well can’t have everything i guess – i’m rocking the single speed zen vibe also
    Bill The Dollar Man

  23. Hi Prestige,

    Love your site, love your musical choices.

    I run the funk-soul-jazz-podcast Royal Groove. Sometimes we invite people to do a guest show and we think it would be a great idea if you would do a guest show. If you think that’s a good idea too, please contact us.

    All the best,

  24. DJ Prestige, My brother.
    Our friendship has grown over the years. And will continue well in to our old age. Im proud to call you a great friend. You made me realise that to be a poet and a writer, is all about beliveing in your self. Thanks for always being there. Keep diggin and working the 1’s and 2’s.
    Big love from the big man of old London town. Chelsea FC till I die.

  25. i’m loving your blog! i was googling Willie Hutch “Tell Me Why Has Our Love Turned Cold” and found you. it’s good to see a fellow New Jerseyan doing the darn thing.

    check out Hal Jackson’s Sunday Classics from 12 to 4 on WBLS, if you haven’t already.

  26. Big respect man, amazing soul, funk, reggae , BEAT (Roots) collection you got there!
    i was looking for a english-jamaican Rub a dubber/Early Rap dude called Little Lenny and you got it, its a seriuse unknownd , and i found here a tresure then thank you very much.

    shit, Bill Cosby can chant to that old groove, i dont think anyone is israel could know that.
    ha .

    Big respect.
    O.e (General Knowledge)

  27. big up prestige, your blog is great
    and your music selections are free. great inspiration

  28. great, great stuff man…keep it up! definitely checkin for you. i love how nice the site is laid out + the excellent content.

    keep diggin!

    dj ian head

  29. this site is sick..!!THX
    been a beat junkie for 24years………..
    thx for the knowledge….

  30. Hi DJ Prestige,

    just wanted to thank you for sharing your discoveries with us.
    Imho it’s time for an official compilation CD done by your humble self.

    But as we all know record sales go down and today’s youth (99%) don’t care about cover art or booklets. it’s a shame. I only download your great mixes because otherwise i can’t get this music. and i really would pay for it …..

    KEEP ON DIGGIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Hey Prestige, the email address i have for you is no longer working. What’s your current email addy?


    Michelle McDevitt
    President – Audible Treats
    Brooklyn, NY 11215

    On the stovetop: K’Jon, iCON The Mic King, DJ JS-1, D.Black, El Michels Affair, Pseudo Slang, Sandpeople, Big Urban, Tanya Morgan- Brooklynati, Blaq Poet, Finale, Black Milk, Keelay & Zaire, J*DaVeY, Illa J, Delicious Vinyl, MYX Music, Embedded Music, Flight808.com, ESPN Action Sports

    Coming soon:, Jern Eye, Kam Moye, Junk Science, Souls of Mischief, Iconocastic.com- Hip-Hop Podcast #45

    Past treats: T-Pain, Talib Kweli, eLZHi, Remy Ma, E-40 ,Nelly, Lee Carr, Huey, 2 Pistols, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Too $hort, Federation, dead prez, Ill Bill, Mario, Raheem DeVaughn, Del the Funky Homosapien, The Pharcyde, Phat Kat, The Hieroglyphics, El-P, Mr. Lif, Lifesavas, Akrobatik, K’naan, O.C., Sadat X, Edo. G, Dr. Octagon, Planet Asia, Nicolay, Count Bass D, Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins, Rob Swift, Honeypower

  32. Been checking the site for a bit, just had to take the time to salute the great work you are doing and the awesome and inspiring blog you have going on. I love the knowledge and sounds you share, the layout and overall vibe of the site too.

    One day ill pull my thumb out and hope to get something online even half as good and funky. I look forward to coninuing to check the site and see what else your cooking up.


  33. are you on a 3 month vacation ? at least no sign of activity on this website.
    i hope everything is ok with you.

  34. Everything is ok. 3 free downloads a week plus info on the artists and records is definitely not a vacation. Thanks for asking though and thanks for reading the blog. Cheers.

  35. hi once more,

    don’t want to criticize by no means, i mean the “Mixes for download”.
    I don’t see any downloads beside this, maybe i’m blind. but i assume those 3 downloads a week are singles, right ? keep diggin. and my reggae tip of the year for you comes now:

    Delroy Wilson – Dub plate style Killer release from Pressure sounds

  36. hey watsup man big up for the mixes……Been trying to build up a funk collection, which is really hard as most of the stuff I’m looking for was not released/sent to South Africa….keen on a record swop? got some South African Township Jive and Jazz records if you keen on trades i could always post the stuff via rapidshare.

  37. what’s up Dj Prestige? cool mixes you’ve got here and nice blog too!! i’d like to do a little post about you & fleamarketfunk, up for a quick interview via email? pls get in touch, would be cool. greetings from Berlin.

  38. Hello DJ Prestige!

    Just a thank you for the music. Your mixes are great, the music is phenomenal and the free downloads are a delight!

    From…a Leeds fan 😉

  39. Hey, have you heard about the crate-digging documentary that was broadcast on Britain’s Radio 4 last week? It was presented by a guy called Toby Amies, if you want to google it and listen to it.


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  41. Great to read of a fellow Liverpool supporter who shares my passion for soul, funk, ska, reggae etc. I love your website. I’m a vinyl junkie too with over 5,000 albums and 45s.
    Deep digging up those gems mate.

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