Reel Talk

Reel Talk is an interview section of Flea Market Funk where I go beyond the Big Ups series and delve deeper into the way we live. Here you’ll find musicians, photographers, artists, and anyone else who is doing interesting things related to music. Enjoy!

Alan Zweig, Director of the film Vinyl
Andre Williams
Björn Wagner of The Mighty Mocambos/ Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band
Eilon Paz of Dust & Grooves
Emil Carter from Mickey & the Soul Generation
Nicole Willis
Sonny Knight

One response to “Reel Talk

  1. Hello dj Prestige

    I m listening to one of your live mixes. So great, the pleasure to hear rare vinyls!
    I m a french fan and i ve already sent a mail to you. Always looking for raw rock vol 1 (i don’t find a good link).
    I ve read almost all the big ups section and it’s very pleasant to read about good dj’s speaking about their favorite mixes (discover a lot of things!).
    Everything you do is great!
    PLease keep on.

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