Here’s a library of the Flea Market Funk mix archive from the very first mix, and everything in between. I believe that this music needs to be shared, that’s why I put it up here. If you feel like contributing to FMF, you can give a donation on my Donate page. There are also many mixes on my Mixcloud page. Thanks again for your continuing support of this music and for FleaMarketFunk.com.

Latest Mix:

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Late Into The Night


More Flea Market Funk Mixes:


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Buried Vinyl Treasures

We’re Just Walking Each Other Home

Bionic Reggae

Beach Bar Sampler


Ride The Rhythm

Jazz All Day Long

The Beat Is Mine

Listen to Time’s Open Door: Vinyl Travels Past & Present

Reggae Special: The People’s Radio

 An all live 45 RPM mix for Small Change’s Nickel & Dime radio on WFMU.  Archive of the set here.

Jazz Mutations From Other Worlds

Nice Up! Reggae Seven Guest Mix for Funky 16 Corners

Slow Rollin’ Soul All 45 Mix for Tuff Love Soul Club (Liverpool, UK)

Guest Sound Traveler Mix for Record Breakin’ Music

Guest Mix for Oonops on Brooklyn Radio

All 45 rpm Guest Mix for Blumen Radio Istanbul, Turkey

FMF x Extra Classic Magazine Japan Guest Mix

Guest Mix on Byte FM (Hamburg, Germany) for 45/7 Vinyl Club

Guest Mix for Sheffield Live: The Night Train

Psychological Effects_342

Psychological Effects of Beats & Other Drums

Ride On_342

Fist Full of 45s Ride On

45 Time_342

It’s 45 Time!  All 45 RPM Blue Note Records mix.

Real Thing Sampler Mix_342

The Real Thing: Hot Pants Road Sampler

Where does the sun Go_342

Where Does The Sun Go At Night? Vinyl Encounters In Jazz

Tropical Dreams_342

Tropical Dreams & Vinyl Vibrations


Sabroso y Caliente con DJ Prestige


The Journey Out of Your Mind


Afro Rhythms of Today

Beat Drops: an all vinyl jaunt

Feel What I’m Feelin’: An All 45 Mix

Lazy Day: Summer Vinyl Treats

Reaching Out: An All Forty Five Excursion

Soundtrack To An Illusion. Psych influences Funk & Soul


Cool and Deadly Reggae Mix. Nice Up the dance!


Funk In A Suitcase, An All 45 Mix


Velvet Smooth, An All 45 Soul Mix

Change In Rhythm: A Celebration of the Drum

The Funk Trip: An All Forty Five Mix

A Jazz Hat: A Journey Through Dusty Jazz Vinyl

Bumpin’: A Funk / Soul / Jazz Mix

Hotter Fire: JA to BK Guest Mix for Funky 16 Corners

Get That Itch Guest Mix for Dust & Grooves

The 10 for a $1 JB 45 Mix

Lost Soul: Forgotten Soul 45s

What the World Wants Is Reggae: Seven Inch Sides

Sweet Soul Sugar: Guest Mix For Funky 16 Corners Soul Club
45 Soul is For Lovers: 14 Soul 45’s To Make Move To

Mustache: Goal Scoring Funk and Soul 45’s

FMF Vol. 35: Downtown – Raw Funk and Soul 45’s

Raw Rock Vol. 1: FMF Bonus Mix

It’s OK To Say No – FMF Vol. 34

Searching – Flea Market Funk vs. Parkdale Funk Special Mix

Down Home Soul: Raw Funk and Soul That Feels Good – FMF#33

Soul Generation – FMF#32

The Closer FMF#31

Summer Sweep FMF#30

Frank N’ Beans FMF#29

DJ Prestige & DJ Jack the Ripper: Funk & Soul For Losers FMF#28

Just For Fun: Golden Age Hip Hop Mix – Flea Market Funk #27

The Jet Setter: Raw Funk and Pure Soul! Flea Market Funk #26

The Soul Catch: Flea Market Funk #25

The Scene: Flea Market Funk #24

Ease Back: Flea Market Funk Guest Mix for The Hook and Sling

FMF Vol. 22- Free For All Deep Funk and Raw Soul for Everybody!

FMF Vol. 21- Canned Funk and Soul Fresh Off the Shelf!

FMF Vol. 20- The Squeeze (El Apriete) Raw Funk and Soul Mix

FMF Vol.19 – The Fat Owl Mix A Curious Blend of Deep Funk & Soul From the Crates of FMF

FMF Bonus Mix – 100,000 Hits and Runnin’: A 12″ Hip Hop Mix Commemorating 100K Hits at FMF

FMF Vol. 18 – That’s Heavy Old Man: DJ Prestige Meets Devil Dick Vol. 1

FMF Vol. 18 – That’s Heavy Old Man: Devil Dick Meets DJ Prestige Vol. 2

FMF Vol. 17 – Shifting Gears: High Octane Funk and Soul 45 Mix

FMF Vol. 16 – Move On Up: Deep Funk and Raw Soul 45 Mix

FMF Vol. 15 – The Real Roast: Soulful Jazz for a Sunday Morning

FMF Vol. 14.5 – Somethin’ That Means Somethin’: Guest Mix at Souled On Music

FMF Vol. 14 – Unwind: Raw Funk and Soul To Unwind Your Mind

FMF Vol. 13 – Get Ready Mix: Guest Mix at This Is Tomorrow

FMF Vol. 12 – Puttin’ Game Down: Deep Funk and Raw Soul for How You Feel

FMF Vol. 11 – Heavy Crates Mix: DJ Prestige vs. DJ Bluewater

FMF-Vol. 10 Mix – Carry Out Soul: Treats for Your Ears

FMF-Vol. 9 Mix – Summer Special: Soul Jazz for the Summer

FMF-Vol. 8 Mix – I Got Soul From My Dad: Deep Soul from Start to Finish

FMF-Vol. 7 Mix – The Sound of Now! Summertime kickoff mix with Deep Funk and Heavy Soul from the Crates at FMF

FMF-Vol. 6 – Beat Combination Part 2 FleaMarket Funk vs. Funky 16 Corners

FMF-Vol. 6 – Beat Combination Part 1 FleaMarket Funk vs. Funky 16 Corners

FMF Vol. 5 – Special Request- Reggae Gems From the Vault. Mixed and Selected by DJ Prestige Live from the Flea Market Funk Studios 2007

FMF Vol. 4 – Workin’ & Movin’ Deep Funk and Soul Gems from the Crates at Flea Market Funk

FMF Vol. 3 – Funky Asbury Park All 45, All Live, All Fun-kay!

FMF Vol. 2 – Saturday Night Waffles Eat It Up Yum

FMF Vol. 1 – All 45s, All Live. 35 records in 39 minutes

Live Sets:

45 Sessions 11 23 07 Cover_342
Live Set: Asbury Park 45 Sessions@ Asbury Lanes 11.23.07

AP 45 Sessions 9 14 07_342

Live Set: Asbury Park 45 Sessions@ Asbury Lanes 09.14.07

For track listing up to Volume 30, please use the Search function on the blog. There you will find the original post and the songs on each mix. For Volumes 31 and on, the link will redirect you to the original post to download. Thanks and enjoy.