Lazy Day: Summer Vinyl Treats Mix

Lazy Day

Today I bring you a bunch of funky and soulful vinyl treats on the latest Flea Market Funk mix: Lazy Day: Summer Vinyl Treats. This is a perfect way to kick off your Summer days no matter what you’re doing. I’ve featured some recent digs as well as some great sides I have been sitting on for a while. Milt Jackson’s cover of “People Make the World Go Round” is the epitome of a CTI Records track, while Woody Herman, Orchestra Harlow y Ismael Miranda, and The Cecil Holmes Orchestra do their own special takes on somebody else’s songs as well. The Beastie Boys sampled The Crusaders track on “B-Boy Bouillabaisse”, which you will recognize right away. Anthony King, a British songwriter and library music composer gives us a funky side from Peer International Library Limited’s Lost Star LP reissued by Jazzman on 45. You will not go wrong with a track off of the double sided hot fiyah 45 from Colemine’s Jungle Fire as well as a classic in Melvin Jackson’s “Funky Skull” either. Both tracks simply cook. The mix ends with a brand new record from the offshoot New Look Records under the Timmion umbrella. The band is called Sensualites Unlimited and is an obscure Soul Jazz side that ends the mix and sets the mood for your next episode. Look for that track up on FMF this week. I encourage all of you to get into Summer mode, grab your flip flops, sunblock, some headphones, a cold beverage and get moving out there with this soundtrack to kick off the Summer to. This mix is Flea Market Funk approved. As always, all live and in one take, because you don’t get a second chance when you’re doing it in front of an audience.

Lazy Day: Summer Vinyl Treats Tracklist

Universal Rhythms Intro
Milt Jackson – People Make The World Go Round/ CTI
The Crusaders – The Well’s Gone Dry/ Blue Thumb
The Cecil Holmes Orchestra – I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More/ Accord
Woody Herman – The First Thing I Do/ Fantasy
Anthony King – Filligree Funk/ Jazzman
The Keystones feat. Malcolm Catto – The Shadows of Leaves 2/ Now Again
Skorpyons of Jamaica – Think About It/ Dynamite Soul
Jungle Fire – Comencemos/ Colemine Records
Safari – Culpalo Al Pony Express/ Caytronics
Melvin Jackson – Funky Skull Parts 1 & 2/ Limelight
Orchestra Harlow y Ismael Miranda – Grazing In the Grass/ Fania
The Nite-Liters – Baker’s Instant/ RCA
Sensualites Unlimited – Sweet Blow/ New Look Records

Listen to the mix from my mixcloud page.

Download the mix using the Cloud Downloader.

Keep Diggin’!

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