Fi Real?

“Fi Real?”, said in a Jamaican patois means honestly or really, usually in an expression of disbelief. This is according to Joan Williams, author of the Original Dancehall Dictionary. Below are a group of features written on the site about digging for records, real-life DJ experiences either on the road, or at some of my resident DJ nights in NYC or NJ, and other assorted stories throughout the life of FleaMarket Funk. They are all my opinion and have gotten a great response on the site as well as on social media. I’ll be updating frequently, but for now, please enjoy some true-life stories that will make you say: “Fi Real?”

How Do You Define Success?
Random Record Thoughts
Each One Teach One
Run DMC, Rock Box, Heshers, & Freshman Year
On Not Selling Yourself Short As A DJ
Vinyl Record Discoveries Among Friends
What Are You Cleaning Your Records With?
The Inner Peace of Record Digging
The Dreaded Vinyl Clean Up
Diggin’ In Your Own Crates
Record Store day Is Over, What Are We Going To Do Now?
Record Store day Already Started (W/Out Record Store Day)
Get Your Hands Off My Records Fool!
Has The 45 Game Played Itself?
Where Do Your Records Go When You Die?
Sing Us A Song, Piano Man
You Don’t Find Records, records Find You
Don’t Be A Record Dick
Digging Deeper And Why It’s Made Me Happy
FleaMarket Funk x The Playboy Mansion
Your Holy Grail Hiding In Your Neighborhood
Remembering The White Label Record
Diggin’ With The Kid
Remembering Johnny’s Jazz Market
No Requests Means No Requests
Droppin’ Science Like Galileo Dropped The Orange
The Satisfaction Of Patient Digging
Buying Records On The Cheap Daily
How Mrs. O Got Me Into Public Enemy
The 45 Adapter Game
Is Record Store Day A Bunch Of Bullshit?
To EBay or Not To EBay
Portable Record Player Breakdown