Digging In Your Own Crates

Digging In Your Own Crates_500If you’re a digger like me, you buy a ton of records. I try to buy records every week, sometimes a few times a week if I can. As of late it’s a weekly destination to my local record shop. I get lost for a few hours in the bins upon bins of black gold. It’s good for the soul, I can tell you that. But what happens when you can’t get out to dig? What do you do? You can do something that I have been making a point to do from time to time. I go digging in my own crates. In light of not going to the WFMU show this year (for various reasons), I decided to do just that.

My collection is pretty organized, and if I need to get a record, I can usually find it pretty quickly. My 45s and new arrivals section can get a bit hairy at times, but they can only be in a few places. Sometimes though, you forget about a record you bought. Maybe you filed it away after listening to it and just forgot about it. Maybe you had the intention of listening to it, but needed it for a few songs to DJ, and just played them. Or, maybe because of the volume you buy, you just forgot about buying it all together. I can say the same sometimes for 45s. I’ve slept on a few B-Sides on a 7″ because I needed that A-Side to put in a set, only to discover the B was a heater as well long after I bought it. I hate when that happens, but am pleasantly surprised when I discover something in my own collection. So today, I dug in my crates. Here’s what I pulled out:

Eddie Palmieri: Azucar Pa’Ti (Sugar For You)/ Tico

Eddie Palmieri Azucar LPThis piece of latin goodness was in a white sleeve. I vaguely remember buying it at some consignment shop in Bay Ridge, perhaps it was stuck in another stack of latin Lps? At any rate, I totally forgot I bought it and it was in my collection, so it gets a spin (or two) today.  My new jam is “Mi Sonsito”.

Frankie Bones Presents Bonesbreaks Vol. 2/ Underworld

Bones Breaks Vol This record was brought in a few years ago in a huge haul of 80’s hip hop 12″s. I got another copy of Marley Marl “Scratch”, as well as some oddball twelves that I put in a box. That’s where they stayed until I unloaded them onto the shelves. Totally forgot about this slew of breakbeats, samples, house grooves, and the kitchen sink that Frankie Bones put together.  I’m learning to love “Funky Acid Makossa”.

Eric Dolphy At The Five Spot Vol. 2/ Prestige

Eric Dolphy Live 5 Spot 2

I can vaguely remember buying this at Collingswood Auction at some point in the 2000’s from either Psych Dave, Old Man Mike, or perhaps cowboy hat guy.  This was the second of three records Dolphy put together from his sessions at the Five Spot.  The third was Memorial Album, which I do not have.  I like that Booker Little, who passed away not too long after this was recorded, is on this, as well as Mal Waldren, Richard Davis and Ed Blackwell.  It features “Agression”, written by Little.  I dig an avant garde type album that has a whole side cut on it.  Some may find this out there, but this is a great dig in my own collection.

So, if you can’t get out to dig, why not dig in your own collection?  There has to be some records you need to revisit right?   Every day is a day to play records so I suggest you shake it up a bit and get into your crates and get dusty.  You will most likely be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

Keep Diggin’!



2 responses to “Digging In Your Own Crates

  1. hi dj prestige. i love your site and instagram
    which its the record with the girl tongue?

  2. hi dj prestige
    i love your site and instagram
    \please which is the LP with the girl and tongue?
    cheers from brazil

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