Saun and Starr Look Closer Official Video

XSOULRXTR_Saun StarrA few months ago we wrote about these two soul sirens when “Look Closer” came out. We predicted big things for the dynamic duo, very talented back up singers for Sharon Jones who have stepped into the spotlight themselves and put out an effort on their own. The release is available from Daptone Records on May 19th. It’s only fitting that they drop a pretty hilarious video for the tune, complete with a came by the Queen of Soul herself, Sharon Jones. Filmed at the House of Soul in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the video tells the tale of auditions for the 10th Anniversary of Daptone Records held by the CEO of the record company itself, James Daptone. Saun and Starr try to get in, but aren’t on the list, so they get corralled to the back of the line. A whole slew of characters gets to sing their song before them. Backed up by the Daptone House Band (Look close and you’ll see Gabe Roth and Binky Griptite), candidates that vary from a Skrillex looking singer, to a reggae crooner, to a carnival singer, and finally a mariachi band all get their shot. The boss, James Daptone is not impressed. As a cold day turns to a colder night, Saun and Starr are finally ushered in by Sharon Jones, who helps them get their audition kicking. For those of you who have never seen where the Daptone magic happens, you get a look into their recording studio while enjoying this single from the girls. Directed by Rob Hatch-Miller & Puloma Basu, this is another great introduction to a pair of very talented singers who you need to look out for. Another Daptone winner.

Saun and Starr Look Closer Official Video

Bonus outtakes from the video:

Pre-Order the record available on 5/19 here.

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