The Inner Peace of Record Digging

11180630_10153904399868079_6109320430827523749_nThere was a time when we here at Flea Market Funk would be digging 4 to five days a week. As time goes by, we got married, had kids, and the time to dig got less and less. The drive we have is still the same, the time we have is not. We still feel the same about going to dig. It’s a certain drive inside us that keeps us following flea markets, yard sales, charity shops, stoop sales , and the like. That, for sure, will never go away. Today, I just wanted to speak on the inner peace after the dig. The feeling you get after you’ve stood (or kneeled) in the hot sun, cold morning, or dug through the endless dollar bins at some random shop hours away from your house. There is a satisfaction that you’ve dug something up that you never have before. The thought of knowing the record may not have been played since the late 60’s, shifted around from owner to owner, box to box, and eventually finding its way to your hands is a chance worth taking. I love rolling up to a table full of records that say $1 each. It’s a crap shoot, but for sure there is most likely something in there that is good. We have all seen our share of The First Family, Whipped Cream, Lowdown (there’s a break on it dammit!) type records a million times and thought: “Forget this crate”. But wait just a minute. Maybe the last record is some random jazz record you’ve never heard of. Perhaps it’s a fill in for a discography you need. Don’t pass it up. Because when I do get some random LP or unsleeved 45, I’m glad I took the chance. These found objects, particularly vinyl records, have a history. Where did they come from, who’s Ruth or Skinner, or Kelly? How did this Texas record end up in a dirt farm in New Jersey? All this intrigue adds to its final destination, which is your hands, and that peaceful feeling afterwards. You get them home, take them out of their sleeves, clean them, and eventually put them on your turntable. The inner peace I get from these actions is immense, and it is definitely worth it. Sharing this music with my friends and family adds to that feeling. I went for a quick dig last night. Rather than spend $50 on a Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers Lp I really wanted, I opted to hit the dollar bins and pulled out a few special records and a paperback about Punk Rock in England. The inner peace I had after I walked out of the store is a feeling that I always get after a dig. It will never go away. Satisfaction and a welcome respite from the busy world around me. A peace that we all know. That my friends, is what it’s all about. The thrill of the chase and a peaceful end result. So when you go out in the field this weekend, and I know you will, rejoice in the fact that at the end of your digging day, you can rest peacefully with found vinyl and some new sounds playing on your turntable. Vinyl rules, and this is just another reason.

Keep Diggin’!

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