Quincy Jones – Summer In The City

20150525_105633-1Even though it’s a holiday this weekend, we are still digging. A while back we got a bunch of unsleeved 45s from a flea market that belonged to an obscure female record collector named Ruth Doll. She was a NJ native, who had a pretty decent record collection from what we gathered. The first batch had a nice assortment of funk, soul, jazz, rock, and psych 45s and we pulled out minty copies of Eddie Bo’s “Hook and Sling” as well as Alvin Cash’s “Keep On Dancing” among other funky oddities. We sat and wondered what her Lps must have been like. When said seller told me they got the last of the #Ruth records, of course I jumped at the chance to buy them sight unseen. We trucked to the market yesterday and there were two 45 cases filled with white label promo funk, soul, jazz, and rock records. Most were from the radio station WDHA, with some looking like they were only played once or not at all. The interesting thing is that stashed in-between some Billy Preston and Groove Holmes were a nice run of James Brown King Records 45s (both on the blue and red label, complete with two types of original sleeves). Common finds like “Cold Sweat” sat besides some sides I didn’t have like “The Chicken” and “Bring It Up”, both bangers that will stay in the play box for sure. Among these records were some A & M promos, and a long time want of mine, Quincy Jones “Summer In The City” from 1973. I waited a long time to find it in the field, and boy am I glad I did. Minty, Mono, and sounding just as good as it ever did, it’s the perfect kick off to the Summer Season here at Flea Market Funk. A bonus because it was also sampled by The Pharcyde for “Passin’ Me By”, a tune that is also near and dear to this DJ and digger. So whatever you’re doing today, turn Quincy up loud and enjoy your day. It’s hot out there, ya know?

Keep Diggin’!

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