No Requests Mean No Requests

This one is for all you DJs out there. We work hard putting our sets together, digging for records to play that no one has. We have put in our time carrying crate after crate after record bag after flight case full of records from one city to another. We are paid to play records. We are not paid to play what you want to hear at this very moment. No, I will not hook up your iPhone so you can hear the newest Wiz Khalifa as I am cutting up doubles of Dry Bread. No, I will no play Shakira, Rakim is on dude. This mid set rant at The Do Over in California by DJ Rich Medina hits the nail right on the head. If a DJ won’t play the song you request, “take it on the chin and keep it movin’, or go buy some turntables “. I couldn’t agree more. I always felt that when I was DJing, I wasn’t just there to entertain, I was there to educate as well. We get paid to do what we do, that’s play good music, and have an individual style. Don’t mess with that. Sit back, drink your drink, nod your head, and enjoy the ride.

FYI: I’ve been checking out Rich Medina since the mid-90’s, and although we don’t know each other, I have the utmost respect for this man and his DJ style. This is a guy who knows his music, and if you listen, you may learn something. Although the crowd got into the Leon Haywood joint Rich dropped post rant, they still couldn’t distinguish that it wasn’t the Dre song. Bottom line…….

Respect the DJ!

Rich Medina Mid Set Rant

Keep Diggin’!

4 responses to “No Requests Mean No Requests

  1. You know I know Rich and sold him records for 15 years. I have also DJ’d all over the world, but I have to say this business of being there ‘to educate the crowd’ is really getting lost on me. You are there to entertain the crowd, that’s why you get paid. The reason you got the gig was because somebody thought you were good enough to be there, not because they wanted a Sunday School lesson. When somebody goes out and asks for a record to be played this should not be viewed as some felony……….c’mon DJs, records skip, power fails and people request records lighten the fuck up you are only playing records.

    Most of you, if not collecting records, would be collecting stamps and would be called nerds……………………just sayin this is such a bunch of BS. HOWEVER GLAD YOU SHARED THE PIECE BUT IT NEEDED SOME PERSPECTIVE

  2. I agree we are here to entertain, but to flip the DJ off because he won’t play your request? C’mon son! DJs get booked on the strength of their rep, their style, and yes, how they rock the crowd. I know full well requests are part of the game, but if half of these people let the DJ do their thing, were polite, they might get their record played. I will even agree to a point that people aren’t here for a Sunday school lesson, but if one person hears the joint that wasn’t popular, that they didn’t know, and comes and asks what it is, I feel that that’s not to bad. That’s the educating part I’m referring to.

    Respect for the comment and a different perspective. I appreciate you checking out the site. We are called nerds for collecting records anyway. Peace!

  3. I need to qualify things by saying, I include myself in that nerd category. I have over 10,000 pieces of vinyl. However I stand by the opinion if you are being paid to play then expect to take the heat. This is not something new, there will always be some jerk who is disrespectful, but this is not something exclusive to being a DJ, its life.

    The real deal is, how as a DJ, you handle it do you rise up or get that person on the dancefloor? Now that is a real DJ!

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