Mustache – Goal Scoring Funk and Soul Podcast

It’s no secret that I have a great love for football, or as my friends would chastise me, soccer. I also have much love for the mustache. In fact, when I was growing up, all I wanted to do was grow one in, so at about 12, I decided I needed to start shaving. Half a pack of tissues and one single, double edge Gillette razor later, I was on my way. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that you were not supposed to shave the actual lip. Lesson learned. My father always had a great mustache, a beard in the winter, and I always wanted to do it like he did. I did grow one, or tried to grow one. Truth be told, when I was in high school, I had the worst mustache ever. I looked like I belonged in the South Bronx. I have no Latino relatives, but really, I could have passed for a kid named El Flaco. The ‘stache did me no justice. Secretly though, I aspired to grow one like Luis Tiant, Goose Gossage, or Rollie Fingers. I wanted to have one like those guys that lifted huge barbels, or a sweet Magnum PI. I never really got around to it. I was too concerned that I’d look like El Flaco again. So I grew a beard. A massive thing that went about halfway down my chest. I shaved the ‘stache though. When that thing got to be too much (getting caught in your coat zipper), I trimmed up, but always had the beard. This year, my better half asked me to grow the mustache in. So here I am some twenty plus odd years later with a proper mustache. Why not honor the tradition of the mustache, footballers who have mustaches, and while we’re at it, throw in some great Funk and Soul 45’s?

This mix has a bunch of 45’s I’ve been sitting on. I’d like to thank the fine people at the following record labels: Colemine, Off Break, Timmion, Cultures of Soul, and Starla for setting me up with some of their newer releases. Proper reviews are on their way! Until then, put the shaving cream away, cultivate that mustache, have a pint of Ale, and turn on some World Cup reruns because it’s time for a party. Dig the Keep Diggin’!

Mustache – Goal Scoring Funk and Soul Tracklist

The DT6 – Donkey Chop/ Starla
Lavell Hardy – Women of the World/ Rojac
The Jive Turkeys – The Funky Turkey/ Colemine
Mickey and the Soul Generation – Chocolate/Maxwell
Okie Duke – Chicken Lickin’/ Ovation
The Fabulous Fugitives and Their Review feat. Michael Sharkey – You Made Me Cry/Cultures of Soul
Lou Donaldson – Who’s Makin’ Love/ Blue Note
Herb & Brenda Rooney are The Exciters – Does It Make You Just Feel Good/ Today
Harvey Scales & the 7 Sounds – Love-Itis/ Magic Touch
King Rubin and the Counts – Party Girl/ Top Pop
Lee Rogers – Togetherness/ Diamond Jim
Buddy Conner – Half Way Loving/ Fryer
J.J. Barnes – Baby Please Come Back Home/ Groovesville
Lyndal Barry and the Apollos – Wait A Minute/ Off Break Records
Willie West and the High Society Bros. – Lesson of Love/ Timmion Records

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7 responses to “Mustache – Goal Scoring Funk and Soul Podcast

  1. outstanding stuff sir, thanks! glad you’re digging the DT6 – glasgow’s finest. all the best from sunny scotland…

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