45 Soul is for Lovers Podcast

Hey there Soul lovers, FMF has a little treat for you today. It’s an all Soul mix, call 45 Soul is for Lovers: 14 Soul 45’s to Make Moves To. Selected and mixed by myself, I made this mix for my lady for Valentine’s Day. She is the one that keeps me going. She’s my inspiration, my rock, the first thing I see in the morning, and the last thing I see at night (if I can borrow a line from Joyce Williams). The strongest and prettiest woman I know, so strong that she got me out of New Jersey and made me a full time New Yorker. Now that’s power. The most kindest and giving woman I have ever met, and I’ve never made a mix quite like this ever. She deserves it. I’m excited about it. So excited that I put it up early on Mixcloud, as they were having a little Valentine’s Day mix deal going. I have a huge surplus of Sweet Soul that I haven’t let out yet, so I was excited, at the least to do this mix. I’ve sprinkled the sweet stuff in a lot of my older mixes, and I did a guest mix over at Funky 16 Corners last year that was strictly sweet, you can check that mix out here. This one is different. It’s personal, but I wanted to share it with all the lovers out there, not just people into Soul. So, without further delay, here is my latest mix/ podcast. Enjoy it over some dinner, while the lights are low, and while you’re spending time with that special someone you love. Enjoy! Keep Diggin!

45 Soul is for Lovers: 14 Soul 45’s to Make Moves To mixed by DJ Prestige

Myron & E – On Broadway/ Timmion
The Futures – Stay with Me/ Gamble
Wilson Picket – I’m Gonna Love You/ Double L
Bettye Swan – Make Me Yours/ Money
The Artistics – I Love You/ Brunswick
Barbara George – Love (Is the Chance You Take)/ A.F.O. Records
The Fascinations – I’m In Love/ Mayfield
Maurice and Mac – You’re the One/ Checker
Sandy Wynne – Love Belongs to Everyone/ Champion
Brenda and the Tabulations – A Part of You/ Top and Bottom
James Carr – A Man Needs A Woman/ Goldwax
Tyrone Ashley – Let Me Be Your Man/ Phil-L.A. of Soul
Hank Soul Man Mullen – Listen/ Ever Soul
Johnny Griffith Inc. – Let’s Get It On/ RCA

Listen or Download 45 Soul is for Lovers Podcast at Mixcloud

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