Guest Mix for Funky 16 Corners Soul Club: Sweet Sugar Soul

For all of you who have been a regular subscribers/ readers here at Flea Market Funk, you know that I, as well as the 45 crew I run with, are very serious about Funk and Soul. If you have been to any of the past 45 sessions, you know the kind of records we spin. If you haven’t been (shame on you, just kidding), we all usually post up our sets to show you guys what we’re spinning. Some people may call that a bit pompous, but honestly, I think if we all didn’t post our set lists we’d be doing a great disservice to the music we have been supporting. This music needs to be preserved, and if it makes people go out an search for this music after they have seen the records on our sites, that makes me happy.

A while ago I got a call from Larry over at Funky 16 Corners, asking me to contribute to his site while his Pledge Drive was going on. How could I not say yes? Larry and I have been on numerous digging excursions/ gigs/ tours and spent countless hours talking about the best way to spread this kind of music. He’s has one of the most comprehensive Funk and Soul sites that are completely FREE on the web, and continues to post a variety of sides (45 and Lp) that are just plain good music. You know that we never charge on our sites because we do it for the love of the music. However, to host all of these mixes, photos, etc. (record porn, you know you love those record scans!), it does cost all of us money every month. Bandwidth isn’t free, and here’s a chance for you to give back to Larry for all the great information as well as the free mixes you’ve played over and over again on your computer/ Ipod/ Zune and Cd’s you burned. In exchange, you get eight new mixes to quench your thirst for Soul. My new mix, Sweet Soul Sugar is the second all Soul mix I’ve done. The first was a tribute to my father, who taught me much about the music I listen to. It was way back on Volume Number 8! . This time, I brought out a stack of 45’s that I’ve been sitting on for quite a while, for a mix cause just like this. So sit back and enjoy the mix. Head over to Funky 16 Corners to download it.

Here’s the Track List for Sweet Soul Sugar by DJ Prestige
Honey and the Bees – Why Do You Hurt the One That Loves You/ Arctic
LJ Reynolds & Chocolate Syrup – What’s A Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You)/ Law-Ton
The Witches and the Warlock – I Don’t Want To Live My Life Alone/ Sew City
Bettye Swann – I Will Not Cry/ Money
Brothers of Soul – Hurry, Don’t Linger/ Boo
Woman – I Want To Get Back/ Shock
Young Ladies – I’m Tired of Running Around/ Stang
The Five Stairsteps – Don’t Waste Your Time/ Windy C
Thelma Jones – Stronger/ Barry Records
Chris Clark – I Love You/ V.I.P.
Barbara Mason – I Don’t Want to Lose You/ Arctic
Ruby Andrews – Whatever It Takes/ Zodiac
The Hesitations – Is This the Way to Treat a Girl (You Bet It Is)/ GWP Records
The Notations – I’m Still Here/ Twinight
Sir Lattimore Brown – Please, PLease, Please/ Sound Stage 7
The Temprees – Love’s Maze/ We Produce
The Producers – Lady Lady Lady/ Huff Puff

Download or Listen to Sweet Soul Sugar

Alternative link is here.

Coincidentally, Larry and I were the only DJ’s to duplicate the Producers track on our mixes. How crazy is that? Don’t forget to donate!!

**Stay tuned this week for a recap of the 05.28.10 Asbury Park 45 Sessions, where I list every DJ’s playlist, as well as a recording of each of their sets. Coming soon…..

Keep Diggin’!

8 responses to “Guest Mix for Funky 16 Corners Soul Club: Sweet Sugar Soul

  1. Haven’t listed to the mix yet, but it looks dy-no-mite. Thanks for the post.
    My unrelated-to-the-mix question is can you tell me what movie/movie poster that picture is from?
    Thanks for keeping the funk and soul alive!

  2. DJ Prestige,

    There is a song you play on your youtube clip. The one where you show all the records. Its the song after Funkadelic’s “Music for My Mother”. It is the most ill and raw funk song I have ever heard. Can you please tell me what that song is?

  3. it is a dead link…Would you be able to upload it again? I would love to listen to that Sweet Sugar 😉

    Peace and Soul!

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    well written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll definitely return.

  5. I’m getting a;
    “Forbidden 403 You don’t have permission to access /Sweet Sugar Soul_ An All 45 Soul Mix.mp3 on this server.” Message. Gutted!
    Is there any chane you can sort it? Thanks

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