The 05.28.10 Asbury Park 45 Sessions Recap w/ Live Sets: DJ Prestige

If you have been a regular reader here, you know that the Asbury Park 45 Sessions is a big deal to all involved. All organic, All Funk and Soul, All 7″, All unique here in Asbury Park. I’m fortunate to have guys like Larry Grogan, M.Fasis, DJ Bluewater, Jack the Ripper (who has taken a leave of absence), Prime Mundo, and Devil Dick in my corners. All these guys equally love 45’s and it has always been about the music. They all bring a very different perspective to the night, whether it be from a producer’s or DJ’s view, the bottom line is that all the music played is different and heavy. I’ve decided to do something a bit different this time. I usually just list our set lists, but thanks to Larry and Lou (who have recorded the whole night), I’m able to bring the 45 Sessions to you at your own leisure. Remember that these sets are all raw, all 45, and definitely all live. I’m going to be posting up everyone’s sets, so give me some feed back and let me know what you think! Thanks for the support and Keep Diggin’!

DJ Prestige 05.28.10 Asbury Park 45 Sessions Set List: Dancer’s Choice

James Brown – Bodyheat Part 1/ Polydor
The Vibrettes – Humpty Dump/ Lujon
The Emperors – Karate/ Mala
Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto – In the Basement/ Chess
Gus the Groove Lewis – Let the Groove Move You/ tou-sea
Jackie Lee – African Boo-Ga-Loo/ Keymen
Stevie Wonder – Uptight/ Tamla
Ray Barretto – Soul Drummers/ Fania
Sharon Jones – I Just Dropped In to See What Condition My Condition Was In/ DapTone
Cliff Noble – The Horse/ Phil-LA of Soul
The intruders – (You’d Better) Check Yourself/ Gamble
The T.S.U. Tornadoes – Getting the Corners/ Atlantic
Edwin Starr – Agent Double-O-Soul/ Ric-Tic
Panic Buttons – O-Wow/ Chalom
JJ Jackson – I Dig Girls/ Calla
Sarah Webster Fabio – Sweet Songs/ Tramp
Colin Roach – Lately Dub Version/ Techniques

Download or Listen to DJ Prestige 05.28.10 Asbury Park 45 Sessions Live Set: Dancer’s Choice

3 responses to “The 05.28.10 Asbury Park 45 Sessions Recap w/ Live Sets: DJ Prestige

  1. Awesome, long overdue. Most of us followers can’t travel to NJ to hear your sets, so this is the next best thing. Thank you sir.

  2. Dope.
    Props from down under.
    That Sara Webster Fabio gets a rewind everytime.
    I just picked up the Spanish re-issue 45 of The Emperors ‘Karate’ last week. Nice one.

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