Asbury Park 45 Sessions: Funky 16 Corners Live

After a long weekend of DJing, watching my New York Red Bulls beat Chivas USA in Harrison, checking in with my man Dunny from Bumpy Pitch, and making even more progress with James Poole over at The Free Thinking Movement, I bring you another of the live sets from our last installment of the Asbury Park 45 Sessions: Funky 16 Corners aka Larry Grogan. Larry has been one of if not the leaders in this Funk and Soul blog movement. From the small beginnings of his F16 Corners webzine, where he discussed many records at once, to the in depth new F16 blog (from Blogger to WordPress and now on it’s own) to the F16 radio show broadcast world wide, there’s not much he hasn’t done so far. Rumor has it he is working on a turntable routine, so look out. Not only has he kept this Funk and Soul game alive and well, you may want to check out Iron Leg, dubbed “just another blog”, but so much more. Iron Leg, in Larry’s words “is a space where I ruminate about all aspects of pop culture not specifically aligned with funk and soul”. So if you have had your fill of the Funk and Soul, check out something different there.

When I have a 45 Sessions, there is a guy I can count on every time. It’s Larry. He always comes with a smile (and a trade box), and doesn’t disappoint while bringing the heat. We had a great time on our mini-tour last year, and hopefully we will be able to get that going again. So, let’s not waste any time and get right into Larry’s set. Enjoy the live music people. Keep Diggin’!

Funky 16 Corners Set List from the 05.28.10 45 Sessions

Young Holt Unlimited – Hot Pants (Cotillion)
Premiers – Funky Monkey (J.O.B.)
Brothers of Hope – Nickol Nickol (Gamble)
Dorothy Norwood – Get Aboard the Soul Train (GRC)
Simmie and the Dynamics – Don’t Make Me Burn (Bella)
Larry Birdsong – Fairly Well (Ref-O-Ree)
Lyn Collins – We Want To Parrty Parrty Parrty (People)
Brother Jack McDuff – Oblighetto (Blue Note)
Bobby Byrd – Back From the Dead (International Brothers)
Banbarra – Shack Up (UA)
Sebastian – Living In Depression (Brown Dog)
Fugi – Mary Don’t Take Me On No Bad Trip (Cadet)
Bobo Mr Soul – H.L.I.C. (Ovide)Vibrations – Love In Them There Hills (Okeh)
Broad Street Gang – 12th Street Man (Avco)
Andre Williams – It’s Gonna be Fine in ’69 (Checker)
Wayne Cochran – Goin’ Back to Miami (Mercury)
Rodge Martin – Lovin’ Machine (Bragg)
Freddy Scott & Orchestra – Pow City (Marlin)
Roy Lee Johnson – Boogalo #3 (Josie)
Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers – I Gotta Go Now (Up On the Floor) (Like)

Download or Listen to Funky 16 Corners Live all 45 Set from 05.28.10 Asbury Park 45 Sessions

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