Groove Merchant 20 – 7” RECORD BOX

Just got a message from the good people over at Ubiquity Records in regards to this release. A new 7″ box set complied by Cool Chris from the Groove Merchant. If it’s coming from Cool Chris, you know it’s the real deal. The Groove Merchant has been steady holding it down since 1989, known world wide as purveyors of good Funk, Soul, Rare Grooves, Latin, Library Record, Psych, and any other genre that they want to. I remember going there in the late 90’s and I saw records I’d thought I’d never lay my eyes on. They do it well and do it right, so it’s no surprise that after the Lp of Groove Merchant 20, they release a 7″ box set as well. Here are the details:

Designed by Freddy Anzures, of P-R-O-P-S/Apple, built by The Key Printing and Binding in Oakland, CA, on-sale now stocked with 10 x 7″ singles compiled by Cool Chris at The Groove Merchant for Luv N’Haight.

Box facts:
*Box will fit around 30 7” singles.
*Handmade in Oakland, CA, at The Key Printing and Binding, using refurbished, salvaged, and vintage machinery. The board used in construction is the hardest available, from the last remaining stock.
*Reinforced lid prevents corner breakage. Removable inner box acts as a buffer against breakage/pressures.
*Cloth, both red and blue, used in covering lids is natural fiber linen, with acrylic coating, offset litho printed with durable TuffTex inks.
*Hardware from Ohio. Rivets, American made, are hi-strength tubular type, no POP rivets, staples or split rivets were used in construction.
*Only 250 made

Box set includes the following 7”s”:

A. The McCrary – Emerge 3:39
B. Ron Forella – Crystals 4:25 (part 1)

A. Twilight – Straight To My Heart 3:16
B. Numonics – You Lied 4:04

A. Rod Abernethy – Ron and Eddie Blues 5:04
B. April Fulladosa – Sunlit Horizon 3:57

A. Jodesha and Star Ride – The Answer 3:43
B. September – Stump 3:41

A. Lois Johnson – Be Mine 3:39
B. Frankie Gee – Date With The Rain 2:47

A. Round Robin – Our Love Is So True 4:45 (part 1)
B. Round Robin – Our Love Is So True 4:56 (part 2)

A. Arthur Foy – Get up and Dance 3:09
B. Soul Liberation – Who Is Your Friend 4:13

A. Pataphysics – Nick Danger 4:39
B. Longineu Parsons – Funkin’ Around 3:18

A. Mike James Kirkland – Hang On In There 3:45 (part 1)
B. Mike James Kirkand – Hang On In There 5:12 (part 2)

A. Darondo – Legs (part 1) 3:45
B. Darondo – Let My People Go 3:58

Here is a video of the making of this spectacular box set:

Buy this thing here.

Looks like I have to free up some extra funds to try and get a copy of this box set. Keep Diggin’!

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