Roy Ayers – We Live In Brooklyn Baby

Flea Market Funk has made some moves. And yes, before you ask, it was for a girl. Actually more than a girl, a great woman. I packed up all my vinyl, turntables, etc. and have made my permanent residence here in the greatest city in the world: New York City. More specifically, Brooklyn. I can’t afford those Manhattan prices, that’s why I always stayed in Jersey! At any rate, I’ve taken the challenge and am ready to get my dig on up here, be a full time Dad, and hopefully get some good nights going on. As much as I love Asbury Park, and I will always have love for that city, it was really time to move on. I’ll still be DJing there every Friday at the Annex for Tasty Beats, the night I started when the bar opened, but Brooklyn is now home. It’s a whole new, wide open world here. Close to AP in distance, but really a million miles away in everything else. I wanna thank all the people for always supporting what I have done in AP, coming out to gigs, having an open mind for the music I’ve spun, and being dead cool the whole time.

So that being said, I could think of nothing else than this tune by the great Roy Ayers as the doors are opened up officially here of FMF in Brooklyn. Looking forward to meeting some like minded people, digging for some great records, and keeping Funk, Soul, Jazz, and Reggae alive, one record at a time. We live in Brooklyn Baby……

Roy Ayers – We Live In Brooklyn Baby from the Polydor Lp He’s Coming

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