Diggin’ at the Brooklyn Flea

I haven’t posted in a week or so. I apologize. Flea Market Funk has moved headquarters from Asbury Park to Brooklyn, NY. I finally got most of our house unpacked, my records sorted, my turntables set up, and the beginning of a little studio to work in. My better half decided it would be a good thing to check out the much applauded Brooklyn Flea today, so I jumped at the chance to look for some records. The weather has been butt awful for the last two weeks, today was no exception. Pissing down rain, melted snow that turned puddles into lakes, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. Housed in the former Williamsburg Savings Bank in Ft. Greene, the Brooklyn Flea is three floors of vendors, food, and a great place to check out wares on a Saturday and Sunday. The architecture in the place is really great, and the downstairs vault, to me, was the coolest section of the whole place. You walk through the giant open door, and Bam! more vendors. I’ve been trying to get acclimated with local Brooklyn businesses, ie. buying local roasted coffee, food, etc., and we got a cup of Crop to Cup coffee. That was a good start to the day, because it was the best cup of coffee I’ve had in Brooklyn so far. It’s a great concept on a whole, the Brooklyn Flea, mostly due to the architecture of the building, and the wide variety of vendors. The prices were Manhattan though, and I was a little put off on that. The first few crates I went through were dollar bin, mostly Classic Rock, with an odd $8 (eight dollar?) George Carlin record. When I got into the nitty gritty of the vault though, here’s where I saw a few heavy crates. From Lou Donaldson to Delroy Wilson to Lee Morgan and beyond, I was delighted. That was until I asked the price of the records. “They’re all different prices the girl with the Andrea Zuckerman 90210 glasses responded. That was enough for me because the Blue Note represses were $85. No can do. Flea Market Funk at flea market prices, and that’s how I’m gonna stick to it. I finally ran into a guy who had some decent records. I just went through the 45’s, chatted with him a bit about records, and ended up getting two. I also picked up a cool Nina Simone print from Bobby Hill, a local artist. I definitely encourage you to check this place out, because it has some really cool wares, and you might, by chance run into a celebrity, which we did. Michelle Williams was shopping by us most of the day, and even giggled at a joke I made from Portlandia. The place reminded me of the skit, but this is not a diss! I dig the place, and look forward to checking it out again, especially since it is so close, and in the warmer weather it is outside. Good times ahead my friends here at Flea Market Funk. Keep Diggin’!

Saturday Scores, even though it’s only two records.
Lou Donaldson – Hot Dog/ Blue Note 45
Justin Hines & His Dominoes – Rig-Ma-Roe/High Note 45

Put a Bird On It!

2 responses to “Diggin’ at the Brooklyn Flea

  1. Hey Jamie – I stopped at the Brooklyn Flea a few weeks ago and was put off by some of the prices too. But I did happen to score an OLIVER NELSON orange/black Impulse LP for $5 – More Blues and the Abstract Truth plus some Fine and Raw (mega-expensive) chocolate and some tasty treats from a local Bklyn bakery.

    Can’t wait to go back in April when the weather gets better…

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