DJ Soulscape 7″ Long Set Mix

Way back when, there was a magazine of all magazines: ego trip. Hip Hop with a Punk Rock attitude, if you don’t know, now you know, and when they folded the mag in 1998 (voluntarily I may add), books came out, (the Big Book of Rap Lists which is one of my faves to date), VH1 collabs came out, TV shows spawned, and well, ego trip is still way ahead of it’s time IMHO. So fast forward to 2011, I ended up friending Jefferson aka Chaiman Mao on Facebook, and lo and behold!, here is an ego trip blog. Not one to even blink, I immediately checked it out, and it was on the ego trip blog where I saw this mix. It’s a 7″ mix from DJ Soulscape, and apparently it’s 4.5 hours long. That’s all I needed.

Park Min Joon aka DJ Soulscape is South Korea’s best known crate digger and DJ, as well as a superb producer in his own right. Another DJ influenced by his parent’s record collection, he is also a member of the 360 Sound Collective. This crew has brought Hip Hop music to Seoul, South Korea in a way that all ages can enjoy. They control all aspects of their massive, and have become a worldwide name as a crew. They have kept this music alive in Korea (big ups), and this mix is a great example of going back to the basics, the foundations of Hip Hop, and I always salute that here at FMF. Enjoy this mix, and Soulscape if you’re out and about, get at me! Cheers. Keep Diggin’!

DJ Soulscape 7inch Long Set Recorded Live @ VENUE 10-11-6 by 360RadioStation

Check out more about DJ Soulscape and 360 Sounds here.

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