FMF presents: Lost Soul 45 Mix

After a short break for the New Year’s holiday, we’re back here at FMF. I’ve got a special treat for you. I did this mix at the end of 2011 for a special podcast, which should be out shortly on another site’s series, but since it’s the new year, I thought I would throw it up here to see what you guys think. I was particularly feeling some Soul 45’s that day, most of these records I haven’t used before on a mix (with the exception of a snippet of the the Willie Hobbs tune that was used on the first FMF mix ever in 2007, the Witches and the Warlock, and the Lee Williams I believe). If I’ve repeated some tunes, I apologize, but they are so good!

This mix is a tribute to all the lovers, the fighters, the heartbroken, the love struck, and those that still believe in this thing called love. Please enjoy and pass it on to a friend by spreading the love if you’re feeling this mix.

    Lost Soul Track Listing

Shirley Brown – Love Is Built On A Strong Foundation/ abet
Willie Hobbs – My Goodness Yes/ Silver Fox
Brenton Wood – I Think You’ve Got Your Fool’s Mixed Up/ Double Shot
Unlimited Four – Walk Away Lover/ Chanson
The Gaslight – I’m Only A Man/ Grand Junction
Gloria Taylor – Loving you and Being Loved/ Silver Fox
The Ethics – There’ll Still Be A Sweet Tomorrow/ Vent
Sherry Pye – Gimme A Break/ Match
Thelma Jones – Souvenirs of a Heartbreak/ Barry!
The Ambers – Don’t Go/ Jean Althia Records Ltd.
Gene Burks – You Got It/ Calla
The Omystics – (I’m So) In Love With You/ Castle
Witches and the Warlock – Behind Locked Doors/ Sew City
James Carr – Love Attack/ Goldwax Records
Lou Courtney – What Do You Want Me To Do/ Rags
Ed Townsend – Don’t Lead Me On/ Tru-Glo-Town
The Charmetts – Breaking up Again/ Philomega
James & Bobby Purify – I Don’t Want To Have To Wait/ Bell Records
Lee Williams and the Cymbals – I Love You More/ Carnival Records
Sam & Bill – For Your Love/ Joda

Download or Listen to FMF presents Lost Soul: Forgotten Soul 45’s Mixed By DJ Prestige

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4 responses to “FMF presents: Lost Soul 45 Mix

  1. Scratch that. Gave it some time and got the whole shebang. Excited about the mix…some KILLER tracks there.

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