The Journey Out Of Your Mind Mix


And now for something completely different…….

Sometimes it’s good to shift gears for a moment. Whether it be in your reading habits, your eating habits, or even your digging habits, it just feels good shift gears. Uncovering and discovering different types of music is always refreshing. For years I have always picked up interesting records in my digging adventures and trips. I am drawn to Psychedelic Rock, weird organ records, electric flute records, fuzzy guitar, and over the last few years, Psychedelic Folk. The really great records (such as ones on the Trap Door mixes) are super hard to get, cost a shit ton of money, and are the cream of the crop of Psychedelica. Usually very trippy, most have some sort of driving beat that’s catchy and get you moving a bit whether you are under the influence or not. I think it’s a great period in music, a lot of styles and bands got pushed together, played live, lived free, and made some cool music. There are tons of private press issues, and tons of regular bands trying their hands at Psych. This mix, by no means is some rare record mix. It is a solid, carefully curated journey from all original vinyl records out of the crates of Flea Market Funk. You may recognize a few tracks that are covers, were covered before, and are just plain cool. There’s a variety of music from original soundtracks, Psych Rock and Jazz records, Hobbit tributes, well know rockers who made a Psychedelic record, concept albums, children’s records, and interesting Lps I’ve picked up along my digging travels. This is one we encourage to play through some headphones and just relax. Take a journey out of your mind for close to an hour with us and listen up and we give you something different today. This mix was done live, all in one take, so if there is a skip, it might all be in or out of your mind……… enjoy.

The Journey Out Of Your Mind Tracklist

Timothy Leary Intro
The Dells – I See Colors/ Cadet
The Robert Corbet Orchestra – Back At The Blue Whale/ Phillips
Pink Floyd – Arnold Lane/ Harvest
Jefferson Airplane – Today/ RCA (Mono)
Billy Strange – Group Therapy/ Air Records
Mel Brooks & Skip Hinnant – A Mysterious Phone Call/ CRA
Bo Shannon – The Battle of Pelennor Falls/ Buddah
Sea Train – Sea Train/ A & M
Clear Light – Night Sounds Loud/ Elektra
Aphrodite’s Child – The Four Horsemen/ Vertigo
Blues Image – Outside was Night/ Atco
Stones – In Another Land/ London
T.Swift & The Electric Bag – What’s Your Bag/ Custom Records
Gabor Szabo & The California Dreamers – L.S.D./ Impulse!
John Entwistle – No. 29 (External Youth)/ Decca
Spirit – Mechanical World/ Ode
The Green Tambourines – The Shoemaker of Leatherman Square/ Buddah
Love – The Red Telephone/ Elektra

Stream it from my mixcloud page.

Download The Journey Out Of Your Mind here.

Keep Diggin’!

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