Limited Edition Shirts Benefits Member of Ghetto Brothers


Last year, Truth & Soul reissued the much sought after classic Ghetto Brothers record. This year, A Thousand Words teamed up with original members of the the GB’s to put out a limited edition series of tee shirts. The majority of the proceeds of every shirt sold will go to original Ghetto Brothers member Benjy Melendez, who has been struggling the last few years with health and financial issues. For those of you who don’t know the story of this South Bronx band, you can read (and hear) all about them in the original record release article from earlier this year.


While we can now enjoy The Ghetto Brothers music in the reissued record, see what the scene was like in NYC through the lens of Shan Nicholson’s film Rubble Kings, you can help a legend of underground NYC music make it to the next level as he goes through a tough time. If you would be so kind to pass this on to anyone you think could help out, FMF would greatly appreciate it. A Thousand Words is making a huge impact not just preserving the iconic photographs from legendary NYC photographers and putting them on merchandise, but by being involved with each of the photographers, and in this case the subject. Their dedication to preserving the culture and moving it forward so other generations can be exposed to it is second to none.
Benjy Melendez and the Ghetto Brothers have made a huge impact on NYC and music lovers are forever grateful. If you’re a fan of the music, a student of the culture, or just want to help out a fellow brother in need, here’s your chance.

Buy the shirt here.

If you’d like to contribute more than just buying a tee shirt, contact Koe Rodriguez at

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